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Obtaining the Accurate, Current Market Value of Your Home

While real estate sites like Zillow & Trulia are indeed useful resources in real estate, you should read the fine print in the disclaimers from Zillow and Trulia. There you will find their estimates can be significantly off (by up to 20%, or more in many cases). 

Only a Realtor in your area can provide accurate information regarding what you can expect a buyer to pay for your home, in your area, in your current market conditions (Zillow and Trulia agree as well). 

Scott McDonald is a local Realtor in the Portland market and would be happy to provide information on what you can expect a buyer to pay for your home in the current market free of charge or obligation. Please visit the Contact Us button above and provide your full name, phone number, email address and of course, your home address as well as any pertinent details about the home (New furnace? Remodeled? Updates etc)

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Scott will get back to you promptly with what you should expect for a current sale price of your home in the current market. 

You can also check out what the current home values are in your area by visiting Scott's Everything. Portland. Real Estate. Blog

Tips for Selling Your Home

When selling your home, think back to when you purchased your first home. There are little things that can impact the buyer's impression of the value of your real estate. The following list has been compiled by our impressions and conversations with hundreds of buyers who we showed thousands of homes.

Inside your home: Cleanliness and appearance

Odors & Fragrance
If you have a litter box in your home, keep it clean and hidden. Also, air out rooms frequently. Your home should have a soft inviting fragrance; use subtle scented candles or room fragrances (avoid anything similar to musk or it is too pungent).

Remove all clutter and personal items from view. The more you can give your home a "staged" appearance the more inviting it is to buyers. (i.e. no magnets on the refrigerator).

Make sure that there are no burnt out bulbs and keep a few lamps on when you are away for the unexpected showing. Overhead lighting should be bright and unless you need to hide something outside the windows, keep the blinds open.

Knobs & Drawers
Drawers should be on their tracks, replace any broken or missing knobs and make sure any accordion type closet doors open & close efficiently. If the front door knob needs a jiggle or other such process to open get it fixed; getting in through that front door is every buyers first impression of the home and you do not want it to be a "broken" impression.

Keep a fresh arrangement of flowers near the front door or on the dining room table & leave soft music playing while away.

Keep your home comfortably warm / cool (if you have A/C) when away; nothing shortens a tour faster than buyers who are either too cold or warm in the home.

The outside appearance of your home

Front Porch
Buyers will spend a lot of time here waiting for the agent to let them in. Clean away cobwebs, make sure key works well in the lock, screen door should be in good working order and the entrance well cleaned.

Keep all cigarette butts & ashtrays out of sight.

Trash cans, bikes, etc. should be kept in the garage or hidden to the side or back of the home.

Keep the grass trimmed and edged.

Add a hanging basket or potted flowers around the entrance of the home.