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Benefits of McDonald Group Realtors

Benefits of McDonald Group Realtors

There are a lot of realtors to choose from, but we are different, because Portland is different. Take a look at the top ten reasons why many Portland residents choose the McDonald Group Realtors to help them make their house a home.

1. Always Available

One of the most important things a realtor can do is answer the phone when it rings. Buying or selling a home is one of the largest financial investments most people make, wouldn't it be nice to have a Real Estate Agent that will answer their phone and take calls after 6:00? Scott McDonald is available all day, every day, 24/7, which means the difference between a missed opportunity and sealing the perfect deal.

2. A Team of Professionals

Scott McDonald and the others in the McDonald Group are very involved and familiar with each others' clients and transactions. This allows them to be more flexible for appointments, enables them to get information immediately when touring homes, and assures that you will receive quick responses to their questions.

3. Our Experience Matters

Scott's background is in Information Systems Management. Working within the marketing and advertising industry as well as Regional Management experience with a large computer company; he's had to stay on top of technology trends, maintain a deep knowledge of the industry, work pro-actively and provide excellent customer service. He's taken that knowledge, experience and determination to his business in real estate since entering the market in 2006; right when the real estate bubble burst. Other Realtors started leaving the industry while Scott excelled.

4. We are Great Listeners

Scott McDonald understands that it's about you. We care about your needs and your dreams, and we will put you first. Scott listens to what you want and responds accordingly..I'm not going to try to sell you on something if it doesn't match what I've heard you say that you're looking for.

5. We Values Honesty and Integrity

Scott works by a simple standard; do whats right for your clients not yourself. There are a lot of people in sales that unfortunately do not care whats in their customers best interest, they just want to close that deal any way they can. We don't work that way; if we see a better solution for you then buying or selling that is in your best interest, we'll advise you of it and help to get the ball rolling; we're not making a penny at that point, but we are gaining trust and future referrals and clients by doing the right thing.

6. Our Website is a Great Resourse for Real Estate Information

Scott's invested a lot of time, money and thought into the McDonald Group website and blog and will continue to do so. He want this site to be informative and helpful for you. If you have suggestions for how to improve the site and its resources, feel free to contact Scott anytime! He loves your feedback.

7. We Maintain an Extensive Network of Vetted Agents, Contractors and Lenders

Scott expects from his network of professionals that are part of the McDonald Group the same that he expects of himself. These high standards benefit the McDonald Group business and make your real estate experience a seamless one. Scott only refers clients to McDonald Group partners that he knows well, has done plenty of business with in the past and knows delivers over and over.

8. Our Marketing is Cutting Edge

The McDonald Group not only utilizes traditional advertising but is constantly looking to incorporate more non-traditional advertising such as their blog, video tours, online marketing, syndicated listing sites and more. This far-reaching presence especially benefits our seller clients.

9. We're in it to Win

Scott isn't a part-time real estate agent trying to support another income, and he is not content with just a few successful transactions a year. He's in it to be the best in the businesses and to create long and fruitful relationships with you.

10. We're dynamic

Scott and the other partners in the McDonald Group been working together for years. They love what they do. They attract great people, great luck, and great transactions because they believe they will get back out of life what they give to others.