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When Portlanders need to get out of the city, one of the primary destinations is the picaresque Sauvie Island, an agricultural haven located in the Columbia River just ten miles away from the city. Sauvie Island is a fantastic destination just northwest of Portland, located between Washington and Oregon, and is full of amazing real estate opportunities. Because most of the island is within Portland city limits and all of it is within Oregon, there is no sales tax and you'll have easy access to the best produce, views, and community that Portland has to offer. Sauvie Island offers a wide variety of lifestyle opportunities, from house boats to farm estates, as well as traditional single-family homes. Sauvie Island is beautiful year round. It's gentle hills and open spaces become a magical winter wonderland in the cold months, the entire island blooms and sprouts with the coming of spring, summer finds cool beaches and bountiful harvests, and when fall colors explode, the island becomes the go-to destination for pumpkins and produce. On a clear day, Sauvie Island has a view of five stunning mountains: Mt. Rainer, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson. Sauvie Island is easily accessible via Highway 30, just minutes from Portland, but as soon as you cross the Sauvie Island bridge, you'll swear you've been teleported to another place and time. Sauvie Island is home to Sturgeon Lake, a popular fishing destination for Catfish, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass), Panfish, and Rainbow Trout. Contact the McDonald Group Portland Real Estate experts to discover how you can make this piece of Northwest paradise a place to live, not just a place to visit!


Sauvie Island has an extremely rich history, as it was one of the first parts of Oregon to be explored due to its location in the Columbia River. In 1792, British Lieutenant William Broughton in George Vancouver's expedition explored the island and named the northern tip "Warrior Point" after being greeted offshore by 23 canoes of armed Multnomah Indians.The original inhabitants of the island were members of 15 Multnomah tribe villages, a subculture of the Chinook Indians. Lewis and Clark literally put the island on the map during their explorations of 1805 and 1806, when they named it Wappatoe Island. in 1829 a horrifying epidemic of a fever known as the ague swept across the island. Within two years, the natives were nearly extinct. Less than a decade later the Hudson Bay Company, with its Fort Vancouver just across the Columbia, sent a French dairyman, Laurent Sauvé, to establish a dairy. Around 400 cattle were swum across the river from the fort. Sauvé was to produce butter for the Russian settlements in Alaska with whom Hudson Bay had a contract. The island came to take his name.


Sauvie Island is located Northwest of Portland between the Columbia River to the east, the Multnomah Channel to the west, and the Willamette River to the south. It is accessible by Highway 30. The island is approximately 24,000 acres—about 14 miles long and about four miles wide, almost the same size and shape as Manhattan. The northern 12,000 acres are owned by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and managed as the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area. The lakes and natural areas are a major stop on the Pacific Flyway and a bird-watching mecca. The southern half of the island is graced by farmland, including Century Farms (some that still bear the names of the early pioneers), farmers’ markets, an organic CSA (community-supported agriculture) and many U-picks.

The southern two-thirds of the island is in Multnomah County, and students attend Portland High Schools; the northern third is in Columbia County, and children are within the Scappoose School District.


Most of the land on Sauvie Island is agricultural, but there are many options in the Sauvie Island real estate market. Several house boat groupings dot the island, including Sauvie Island Moorage located on the Multnomah Channel, with approximately 44 floating homes, and Mayfair Moorage, also located on the Multnomah Channel, with around 17 floating homes.

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Reeder Road Wildlife Viewing Platform: If birdwatching is your thing, then this platform should be one of your favorite places on Sauvie Island. This covered platform gives a great view of wintering flocks of birds in the nearby complex of lakes. Winter months are definitely a peak season for snow geese, various types of Canada geese, ducks, and sometimes sandhill cranes. Owls have also been known to use the rafters of the covered platform. You can find the platform about one mile from the intersection of Gilliham Road and Reeder Road. On the east side of the Island, Gillihan Road intersects Reeder Road at a T and comes to an end. After continuing on Reeder Road about 1 mile, the platform is on the left.

Corn Maze on Sauvie Island
Count on one of the biggest corn and pumpkin patch mazes you’ll ever get lost in each and every fall season. For a small entrance fee explore with the family the twists and turns of each maze, and they’re open after dark so bring a flashlight! Seasonally, they open earlier than other mazes so you can miss October rains. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and not afraid to come find you when you lose your way (they’re affectionately known as the “Corn Cops”).

Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center
Commonly known as the "Expo Center," this facility has become a cornerstone for the North and Northwest Portland community. Over 100 events a year are hosted here, including  green consumer shows, trade shows, conventions, meetings and other special events. By catering to a diverse group of regional and local small businesses, the Expo Center has positively impacted the Oregon economy and attracts an excess of 500,000 attendees annually. As far back as 1921, this site continues to present some of the largest exhibitions in the Northwest.

Kruger Farm Market and Food Carts
Feast on roasted corn and warm cider when you pick your pumpkin at Kruger’s Farm on Sauvie Island. Visit the farm and you'll find a market, canning supplies, farm animals and the freshest local produce around. Phil's grill is now open on weekends serving up great farm fare and BBQ. Grab a pint of beer or a hot dog and enjoy the surroundings. You'll even find a few chickens pecking their way around your table!

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