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Maywood Park


Nestled under towering ceder trees and framed by a beautiful, park-like bike path lies Portland's own picturesque city-within-a-city, Maywood Park. This charming, close-knit neighboorhood in Northeast Portland was incorportated as an independent city in 1967, and is home to a population of around 800 residents. in order to prevent the planned I-205 highway from being built through their neighborhood, residents of Maywood Park voted to incorporate, elect their own city officials, and preserve their unique character in the face of urban development.

Although they were unable to fully stop the construction of the highway, the citizens of the small city successfully re-routed the development plan. The new plan saved dozens of historic houses and established the noise-reducing grassy knoll bewteen the city and the highway, an area which is now a fully landscaped park. Today, the city remains an example of Northwestern pride, community spirt, and independence.

Maywood Park is a city filled with and surrounded by nature. The city lies to the east of Rocky Butte, an extinct volcano cone popular with rock climbers, and its streets are lined with giant trees that remind residents of the thick old growth conifer forests that once dominated the Portland landscape. A section of Portland's famed 40-mile Loop Bike Path runs along the main street of Maywood Park, weaving through lush lawns, vintage streetlights, welcoming benches, and colorful flower gardens. You can often see residents going for a jog, walking their dogs, or stopping at a bench for a chat with a neighbor.


The city of Maywood Park lies within Portland city limits, between NE Skidmore and NE Fremont, near the intersection of two Interstate highways, I-205 and I-84 and next to the Parkrose district. The highways provide quick access to Downtown Portland, Washington, and all of Portland's east side, and protect the small town from excessive traffic, heightening the safe, protected feel of the community.


Homes sell quickly in the desirable city of Maywood Park. When the area's first homes were built in the early 1920's, the Oregonian called the 105-acre development "One of the most beautiful residential properties," and that certainly remains true today.

The city boasts over 300 custom-built homes, mostly Cape Cod and English style bungalows dating to the 1930's and 40's. The absence of sidewalks and the tall trees create the feeling of rural living inside an easily accessible urban environment.

Maywood Park lies within the Parkrose School District, and residents pay property taxes to the city of Maywood Park and Multnomah County, though taxes in the city of Maywood Park are approximately 25 percent less than the city of Portland.


Maywood Park has a true small-town feel, although residents are only minutes away from world-class dining, entertainment, and urban resources of Portland, Oregon. The city is rich with neighboorhood traditions, including annual events such as the Fourth of July picnic, Easter Egg Hunt, city-wide garage sale, and a winter holiday lighting contest.

Maywood Park residents elect their own city officials and mayor, so goverment officials are accessible and friendly. People who grow up in Maywood Park often return as adults, buy their parents homes, and continue the traditions of the small city. It's a place where people often say that they not only know all of their neighboors, but also know each other's dogs. City developer Arthur M. Taylor said that his mother had originally suggested Maywood Park as the subdivision’s name because she thought the wooded site was most attractive in the month of May, though the beauty and individuality of the city is evident all year.