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The King neighborhood has made a name for itself with its distinctive multi-cultural population, socially-conscious inhabitants, and one of the best farmers' markets in town, located at King Elementary. The King Neighborhood is located along the major thoroughfare of Northeast Portland, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, also known as Highway 99. Providing easy access to the rest of Northeast, North, Southeast, and west Portland via several bridges, the King neighborhood is a thriving community perfect for commuting anywhere in the metropolitan area. The King neighborhood is home to several of the city's best restaurants, including Ned Ludd, Wayne's Chicago Red Hots, and the nearby N Williams and N Mississippi dining and shopping districts. The King neighborhood provides affordable homes for sale in northeast Portland within walking distance to some of Portland's hippest up-and-coming neighborhoods.


The King area has a large number of bicyclists and is regarded as one of the most bike-friendly areas in the city. While biking is a way of life for many, the driving is uncluttered and without much stress. The King neighborhood has direct access to Interstate 5 making it easy to get downtown, escape on a daytrip up the Columbia Gorge, or spend a weekend at the Oregon Coast.


King straddles Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard from Ainsworth Street to Fremont and is at one end of the Alberta Arts District, a commercial district where locally owned shops, galleries, and cafés have brought new life. It is bordered by the Boise, Humboldt, Woodlawn, Vernon, Sabin, Eliot and Irvington neighborhoods. The Alberta neighborhood is near several fantastic schools, including King Elementary School, Vernon Elementary School, Faubion Elementary School, Tubman Middle School and Jefferson High School.


The area that is now the King neighborhood was first settled in 1872, when the town of Albina was plotted by Edwin Russell and William W. Page. In 1891, Albina was incorporated into the city of Portland. The King neighborhood was once a center of the culture for the primarily urban and African-American community. Since the 'Urban Renewal' in the Northeast area, the King neighborhood has changed quite a bit but residents are adamant about preserving the history and heart of the area.


The King neighborhood area has an abundance of historical and charming craftsman bungalows. It's a great place to find both the recently renovated and the fixer upper as well as an occasional brightly colored home. You will also find the traditional four-square home, new construction homes built to look like the traditional four-square home, and maybe an occasional "shotgun house".  Home variety overall is mixed, all situated in a friendly community setting. The average home in this area typically comes equipped with hardwood floors, great molding & trim, comfortable porches and nice yards. You will find plenty of character here! There are several local parks nearby.

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King Farmers' Market - The Sunday Market in the King neighborhood of inner North/Northeast Portland is located at NE 7th & Wygant between NE Alberta & NE Prescott — in the parking lot adjacent to King Elementary School.

Rerun - 707 NE Fremont St - Rerun is one of our favorite thrift stores in Portland. You can always find something fun or useful. Rerun boasts a high-quality selection of clothing, furniture, books and assorted used goods in a quirky setting you're sure to adore.


Sofia - 1313 NE Fremont St - Lovely European clothing boutique. Looking for fantastic service and attention to detail? Here's your place. This is your stop for tights & wool socks in the winter...or cotton wrap shirts & flowy skirts with the "just right fit" for spring & summer. Classics that will be around for a good long time!

Backyard Bird Shop - 1419 NE Fremont St - This little shop provides the products and information necessary to transform a typical urban backyard into a habitat for birds, squirrels, bats, mason bees and other wildlife. The Backyard Bird Shop staff members share a love of nature, many with backgrounds in biology, gardening and teaching.  If you want to attract birds to your home these folks have what you need!


Ned Ludd: 3925 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. - This rustic, airy and comfortable bistro specializes in locally-sourced cuisine. Channeling a simpler time, they make pickles and cure their own meat. Most dishes are even cooked in their wood-fired ove. Great decoration using recycled timbers, lighting and natural touches that make you feel comfortable. Varied selection of nibbles and salads and entrees that will satisfy vegans, vegetarians and carnivores. The wine and beer fit well with the food and the desserts (including Smores!) do a fine job to finish the meal. Great prices for great food!

Wayne's Chicago Red Hots: 3901 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. - AMAZING classic Chicago hot dogs served up by true Chicago guys! The Chicago Red Hot ($3.50) is a classic dog piled high with the stadium works (stacked high with that bright-green relish, hot peppers, and the thick onion chunks, served on a pillow-soft poppyseed bun), while the Soldier Field Fries ($4.50), smothered with nacho cheese and peppers, offer a perfect simulation of greasy ballpark fare. This is one of the best cheap eats spots in town!

Sengatera Ethiopian Restaurant: 3833 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  - Budget-friendly, filling and tasty Ethiopian food. Get the honey wine to go with your meal, you'll be glad you did.

Sol Pops Pop Shop: 3954 N Williams  - If you've never tried Sol Pops at one of the local Farmer Markets or one of the many retail locations they're available, do yourself and get to their new shop as soon as possible. Like Mexican paletas, Sol Pops use whole fruit, juice and all natural sweeteners to create their delicious and dare I say healthy frozen concoctions. A plethora of crazy awesome flavors run from relatively tame like strawberry lemonade, piña colada or cherry lime to adventurous like basil lemon or cucumber, lime, jalapeño!


The City of Portland is in the midst of detailing extensive plans for the development of the city over the next 25 years, known as the Portland Plan. The project – headed by the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability – is focused on energy use, Portland real estate development, community input, and neighborhood resources, and one of the primary goals of the plan is to increase walkability of the majority of Portland neighborhoods. The goal of the 20-minute Neighborhood is to provide walkable, fast access to necessities like groceries and coffee (a necessity in Portland!) to everyone in Portland. As part of this concept, the Portland Plan committee released a “heat map” of Portland (get a PDF of the heat map here), showing areas of easiest accessibility via walking and biking. The “hottest” areas, shown in orange, yellow, and white, represent neighborhoods with walkable access from residential real estate to commercial services like grocery stores, restaurants, and local small businesses.


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