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Settled along the southern border of Multnomah County is southeast Portland, the Brentwood Darlington neighborhood is quickly becoming a community full of pride, ambition, and accessibility. Due to the constant expansion and rehabilitation of Portland commercial districts and green spaces, even once-unloved areas like Brentwood Darlington are becoming perfect spots to buy a first home, raise a family, and enjoy the feeling of a close-knit rural community while living close to everything Portland has to offer. The Brentwood Darlington area is both family-friendly and hardworking, filled with real people and genuine community building efforts, including the new Community Garden, park rehabilitation, and miles of well-tended bike paths, trails, and nature areas.

Brentwood Darlington has much in common with other outer southeast neighborhoods, including wide streets, easy access to commuter highways, and plenty of shopping centers and supermarkets. The city-sponsored Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood association is one of the most active community groups in town, and their efforts, combined with the ingenuity and work of residents, is bringing Brentwood Darlington's potential to fruition.


The first residents of the Brentwood Darlington area were single-family homesteads in 1882, which divided the streets into a grid patter of long blocks. Settlers Henry and Mary Ann Miller took advantage of the Donation Land Act of 1850, and along with George Wills, a baptist preacher and farmer, eventually owned most of the land in the area. By the 1930's, residents of Brentwood Darlington could catch the electric streetcar and go downtown for dinner and a movie, though for most of the neighborhood's existence, roads led primarily to Milwaukie rather than Portland. World War II brought an influx of people into the Portland area, causing the rapid growth of Southeast Portland.

The area is defined by several strong geographical features, including Johnson Creek, tall Douglas Fir trees, and the soaring bluff along Flavel Drive. Commercial areas developed along SE 52nd Avenue, SE Flavel Street, and SE 72nd Avenue, along with the largely commercial thoroughfare, SE 82nd, which forms the neighborhood's eastern border.

Brentwood-Darlington has been an officially designated neighborhood since 1974, though it was called Errol Heights at the time. The overall boundaries have remained constant, incorporating the smaller neighborhoods of Errol Heights, Brentwood, Darlington, Harney Park, Woodmere, and Crystal Springs into one neighborhood.


Brentwood Darlington is bordered by SE 82nd Avenue to the east, SE Duke Street to the north, SE 45th Avenue to the west, and Clatsop Street - the Clackamas-Multnomah County line - to the south. The neighborhood borders the Woodstock neighborhood to the west, Mt. Scott-Arleta to the north, and Lents to the east.

Brentwood Darlington neighborhood homes run the gamut of twentieth century home styles, from craftsman bungalows and Tudor cottages to mid-century ranches and modern town homes and apartments. Most houses are much more affordable than the city average.

Click here to see a map of Brentwood Darlington's neighborhood boundaries. Click here to see a map of Brentwood Darlington area schools.


Parks and Green Spaces: The Brentood Darlington neighborhood is home to a large number of green spaces, parks, and wildlife areas, including: Flavel Park at SE 75th Ave & Flavel St. Brentwood Park at SE 60th Ave & Duke St, with dog off-leash area, paved paths, picnic tables, a playground, soccer field, softball field, tennis court, and volleyball court. Harney Park at SE 67th Ave & Harney St. with a basketball court, paths, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, and softball field. Mt. Scott Park at SE 72nd Ave & Harold St, with a picnic area, play area, horseshoe pit, paths, softball field, tennis court. Glenwood Park at SE 87th Ave & Claybourne St with baseball field, play area, horseshoe pit, paths, picnic tables, and a soccer field. There is truly a park within walking distance of every home in the neighborhood!

Brentwood Community Garden - SE 57th Ave & Cooper St - the Brentwood Community Garden is a non-profit, community supported organic garden established to support community involvement, neighborhood relationships, and access to homegrown organic food within the neighborhood boundaries. With 81 plots and 124 active gardeners, this garden serves as both a place to garden and a community center where gardeners of all ages gather to be around friends and neighbors. The garden includes individual plots as well as a common fruit area, several accessible plots for the handicapped, and much more. Free classes teach skills such as fruit tree pruning and other essential gardening skills.

Springwater Corridor - SE Ivon St to Boring, OR, 3.30 miles. The Springwater Corridor, a major portion of the famous Portland 40-mile loop trail, runs through Brentwood Darlington at the southern border of the neighborhood. Access to the corridor, which is perfect for biking, jogging, dog walking, and exploring, lies on the Errol Heights property, a public-use area with 3 ponds and miles of nature trails.


Hog Wild BBQ - 9401 SE 82nd Ave - If you're looking for reliable, affordable BBQ, look no further than this popular food cart located on SE 82nd Ave. They've got one of the best pulled-pork sandwiches in town, which you can enjoy on one of their picnic tables or in a nearby park. The hot pulled pork with cooling slaw is delicious, but not for the meek-tongued. When these guys say hot, they mean HOT. Serving sizes are generous, and the taste will keep you coming back.

Andale Andale - 11314 SE 82nd Ave - This authentic Mexican restaurant is a favorite of locals for their huge portions, generous salsa bar, and laid-back attitude. If you're familiar with the hole-in-the-wall Mexican places in Southern California that serve up the best authentic Mexican food, you'll love this place. The prices are low and the portions are, as I said, huge. Pick up some amazing tacos for $1.50 each and load up on peppers and salsas. The staff and regular customers are the friendliest bunch around, and you can forget you're in Portland while you eat your food and watch the Mexican variety shows on the television in the corner.

Bun Bo Hue Restaurant - 7002 SE 82nd Avenue - If you're a food adventurer, you won't want to miss this little Vietnamese spot. Their signature dish is a delicious mix of some pretty wild animal parts, but they've also got some really authentic and delicious Vietnamese specialties for the more faint of heart. The atmosphere is nothing to  write home about, but here its all about the food. The spicy soups and stews are the perfect antidote to Portland's chilly winter evenings and they add the perfect spice to warm summer nights.

Arleta Library Bakery Cafe: This cute little spot was featured on the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" (check out the video here) and is known for their biscuits and gravy, hashes, semolina griddle cakes, brioche french toast, and Sicilian hash. The owners, chef, and bakers really, REALLY know what they are doing, and you won't find anything canned or processed in this kitchen. It's great food, every day, and they are really connected to their neighborhood. The owners really try to buy as much of their goods as possible from local farmers and producers, while keeping their prices reasonable so that everyone in the neighborhood can have great food close to home. (5513 SE 72nd and Harold)