We’re BACK!

The blog here has been on a bit of a hiatus for the last year due to a number of changes, but we’re officially BACK!

Here’s the thing though, this is a real estate website and blog by Realtors and with that said there is a primary purpose to this site and ┬áthat’s providing real estate related information for our clients and potential clients with the intended resulting benefit being lead generation. Previously the blog was a bit lost in a lot of ways, it was informative but not in the intended manner; we regularly received calls asking how to get to a pumpkin patch or Saturday market with only the minority of contacts fulfilling the purpose of the site.

From here on out, the site will be focused and dedicated entirely to real estate, housing, mortgage, finance, trending and experiences we have in the market place both informative and sometimes entertaining.

So, lets get back to business!

~Scott McDonald


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