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Coldwell Banker “Real Estate Minute” Video: recap of market in the NW

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

CB BSS Logo ColorTake a look at this brief video clip; nice overall reflection on the Oregon & Washington home market over the last decade and the home market looking forward. They are comparing our current pricing to that of late 2005. I love a video, click here to see it!    I hope to blog more frequently again; it’s been REALLY busy and we are looking to grow our team so that we continue to grow with the business! -Kristie McDonald   Everything. Portland. Real Estate!!!

Appraisal Fraud up since HVCC in Place? Lending Brokers Getting Pushed out of the Lending Biz?

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

TBWSSince the HVCC  appraisal system has been implemented appraisal fraud is up in spite of the new laws setup to avoid just that. It’s said that properties are being valued higher than their true value (interesting as my experience is the opposite).  TBWS (my favorite morning video news guys in the link below) have something to say about this! I would like to say AGAIN how HVCC has complicated the process of home buying. If your lender isn’t on the ball the appraisal delays can kill a deal; a GOOD LENDER IS CRUCIAL TO THE SUCCESS OF YOUR HOME PURCHASE!

I would like to comment that I am hearing more and more that lender brokers are being pushed out of the business and that we are being pushed to work with banks directly; I want to say what a disaster that would be as with an exception of a few bank lenders I have found most of them tend to have no regard for deadlines and will not make themselves available on the weekend or after hours.  -Kristie McD.

Take a watch of my favorite Lending guys! CLICK ME

Home in Happy Valley For Sale! Great views, downstairs apartment w/ kitchen…

Monday, October 19th, 2009

frontI love this listing! Happy Valley, Oregon is pretty hot anyway, as word has got out that the prices there are great. This home is in a fabulous neighborhood, has beautiful (and unique) hardwoods, amazing view, new landscaping, anyhow… check it out yourself! I have a video as well as a website noted below; the finishing touches and the plantation shutters add great dimension to this home! Showings have been really good!

11249 SE Rolling Hills Lane, Happy Valley, Oregon 97086


TBWS Video: Good appraisers dissapearing, agents going broke & lenders income capping…?

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

tbws3TBWS (Think Big Work Small). Great topics on this video! Also touches on Chinese investing in US properties & FICO scores.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH   -Kristie McD.

TBWS Daily Lender & Real Estate Video

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

tbws2You know I love these guys! TBWS (Think Big Work Small). Focused towards Lenders and Real Estate Agents but I think everyone else can get something too! -Kristie McDonald (your Portland, OR real estate agent)


My fave Daily Video: FHA & how they define a “Flip”

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

I love these guys! Their daily video touches on a bit of everything. In this one they mention how FHA delays the purchase of a  ”flip” or home that has not been under the same name on title for a min. of 3 months. This happens and unfortunately if the buyer is going FHA it requires the buyer wait until the 3 months is up! -Kristie McD.

THINK BIG WORK SMALL video: click here

Coldwell Banker & Home For Sale Videos

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Coldwell Banker has taken the lead with their YouTube Channel and with their aim at seallogosmallstaying with and ahead of the market in technology.  Check out the recent blurb from Realtor Magazine. click here

I love that they’ve made a channel just for listings… the tough part now is finding affordable videographers!  Right now I’m finding a video for a home is running $100 and up. Remember that a video is different than a virtual tour! A virtual tour is stitched photographs. :) -Kristie Your Portland, OR Realtor!

TBWS Video Daily: My Favorite Real Estate & Lender News

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

tbwsThese guys are great! I watch them with morning coffee every morning! Lender topics that effect lenders, real estate agents, home buyers & sellers! -Kristie McDonald Your Portland, Ore Realtor!

Coldwell Banker has it’s very own YouTube Channel for Real Estate!

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Yep! Finally!  A channel just for real estate videos! They are still working out the search method and adding content but I’m proud to saycb_and_youtube that I am one of the FIRST to have a video uploaded and running!  Take a look at the Coldwell Banker On Location Channel by clicking here and searching for the arrow in Portland, Oregon that brings up my video… it references!  I’m glad to say we are the first but boy… it’s ABOUT TIME we had a real estate channel!

-Kristie McDonald  Everything.Portland, Oregon. Real Estate. cb-bss-logo-color