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Want to Buy a Home with a Recent Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Short Sale on Your Record? Check This Out…

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

Received this from my firms managing Principal Broker today, thought I would pass it along here as it’s a handy dandy chart showing expected wait time frames for someone that has a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale in their recent past and would like to buy a home.

Something else to remember as well, if you are married (or, may as well be) and you or your spouse is the one with this on their record, you may want to speak to a lender about just one of you qualifying for a loan. I had this happen very recently with clients that thought they had to wait until spring 2015 because they were applying together and turned out one of them was able to get approved (without the other) all on their own and they are now all moved in to their new home.

Something to think about. Here’s that chart: