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Portland Short Sale Homes: Pre-approved Short Sale! $234k in Clackamas just Off Sunnyside!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

A pre-approved short sale!  (What does that mean you ask?- Read further below).  In the meantime, a GREAT HOUSE at a great price!

  • 2337 sf / 2.1 bath
  • 4 bedrooms w/ 2 car
  • 2003 / backs to greenspace
  • 15477 SE Thornbridge Dr. Clackamas ML# 9049856

So what is a pre-approved short sale? It means that the seller had an offer, the listing agent worked their butt off with the bank to get it through, the bank finally processed the offer, did all their broker price opinions, accepted the offer, etc. and then the buyer walked (likely had already found and moved into a home because it took the bank so long to respond). So THE GOOD NEWS- Another buyer like yourself can slide in where that offer left off, basically “take cuts in the line” and purchase at the pre-approved price. (if you think you can offer less than the pre-approved short sale amount you will likely find your self at the end of the line with a several month wait)