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McDonald Group Real Estate Trends: It’s Still a Buyer’s Market in Portland

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

The latest market report for the Portland Real Estate market shows a steady level of continued price reductions on homes for sale around the Portland Metro area. Back in August we talked here on the McDonald Group Real Estate blog about the Portland Business Journal article stating that thirty-two percent of Portland homes for sale in early summer experienced at least one price reduction, ranking  Portland No. 16 on Trulia’s list of price reductions in America’s 50 largest cities. Those numbers are sticking around.

A buyers market is one in which there are more homes available that there are people ready and willing to purchase them. With so many options to choose from in the Portland Real Estate market, buyers have the opportunity to pick up ridiculous deals on homes for sale in Portland that would otherwise be snapped up for much more. The buyers market means more options, lower prices, and higher competition amongst sellers, which makes homeowners and Portland real estate agents more willing to compromise and negotiate price reductions on all types of homes.

Signs of a buyers market in Portland are everywhere – this is the time to upsize or move into a more desirable area, as there are literally hundreds of gorgeous homes at rock bottom prices, including luxury foreclosures, high-end short-sales, bank-owned homes, and affordable listing prices on homes priced well below their previous market value. A balanced buyer/seller market has around 5 or 6 months of inventory. The Portland Real Estate market is currently just below 11 months. If you’re trying to sell a home in Portland, you’re going to need to price competitively and think about upgrades to make your house more attractive to the increasingly savvy buyers. The average sale price in the Portland Real Estate market is around $297,000 and homes for sale in Portland typically stay on the market for around 121 days. There’s really no good way to tell how long this buyers market will last, so be sure to take advantage of these record low prices, record low interest rates, and the amazing supply of affordable dream homes out there on the Portland Real Estate Market.


Portland Realtor Guide: NEW Buckman Neighborhood Profile at Your Road Map to Home

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Check out the new neighborhood profile detailing the neighborhood of Buckman in Southeast Portland, filled with quirky culture, classic Old Portland homes, and some of the best dining and shopping in town. The Buckman neighborhood is progressive and proud, and provides easy commuting access downtown via the Burnside, Hawthorne, and Morrison bridges. Buckman includes parts of two of the most popular retail districts in town, Hawthorn and Belmont Streets, complete with vintage stores, great brunch spots, and open parks.  Combining the best of urban accessibility and comfortable, small-neighborhood atmosphere, Buckman is quintessential Portland.

If you’re looking for homes, condos, or other real estate in Buckman or other Portland neighborhoods, check out this information page filled with the best restaurants nearby Buckman, top hikes and green spaces, and neighborhood resources. Relocating to a new area can be hard, but it’s a lot easier when you’ve got the best real estate agents in Portland on your side.

Contact the McDonald Group realtors to find out about homes for sale in Buckman, or Click here for more information!


Portland Real Estate Trends: Homeowners Slashing Prices

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

In a report published in the Portland Business Journal yesterday, we learned that thirty-two percent of Portland homes for sale, listed since the beginning of this month, experienced at least one price reduction. That ranked Portland No. 16 on the website Trulia’s list of price reductions in America’s 50 largest cities.

The average reduction for Portland homes was 9 percent, just under the national average of a 10 percent reduction on 25 percent of newly listed homes. With historically low interest rates, cutting-edge sustainability renovation rebates and low remodeling costs, and a high supply of beautiful homes for sale with great Walk Scores, this is a perfect time to grab a great deal.

As Scott McDonald of the McDonald Group said back in June, “We all know mortgage rates are low right now, but Freddie Mac really put a light on it by saying they are currently lower than they have been since they began tracking this data in 1971 and states the last time they were this low was in the 1950′s. Yup, the economy stinks right now, but if you’re in a position that’s somewhat insulated from economic trends and are thinking of buying a home, now really is the time.”


November 2008 RMLS Market Action Report

Monday, December 15th, 2008

RMLS has released the November issue of the Market Action report. The news of course and as expected is not good, we’re continuing to decline with a current inventory of 15 months and closed sales of only 1,041 which is the lowest we’ve seen since 1993! Listings are down as well which is good however the closed and pending sales are down by a higher percentage and we need to see that trend reverse for a Portland real estate market recovery to happen. Take a look at my comments on the market action report here and you can also download the full report to review on your own from that same page.

October 2008 RMLS Market Action – My Summation

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Right around the middle of each month RMLS sends out their “Market Action Report” for the previous month; Octobers market action report just came out today. Each month I do a write up on it, sort of summarizing it and post it on our website. The report and my summation of the report are both now posted.

Overall the numbers are as expected; we are after all in a down market. Some of the numbers however are showing slight improvements like for instance the Milwaukie / Clackamas areas moved from a depreciation rate of -6.7% to -5.4%.

Read my take on the market action report where you can also download the report itself. And if you want to see a historical perspective on the market, the archives of my summaries and the reports themselves are at the bottom of the page.

Portland 97202 Ranks #5 For Fastest Selling Housing Market

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Ranked #5 by BusinessWeek as one of the Fastest Selling Housing Markets….  Zip Code 97202! Of course there are parts of Portland that are a hotter sell than others… anything in the inner NE or SE Portland area is still pretty hot to sell, of course other areas, particularly those that have too much new construction inventory are a slow sell, we can also average in homes over $600,000 in the “slow to sell” category.  Catch a quick read of the article here!