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Lents Park is Improving! (and the area could really use it!)

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

The Lents part of Portland has had alot of focus this last year or two on renewal and improvements; the news about Lents Park improvements is great to hear! We received alot of calls from first time home buyers for the Lents area these last months as the PDC had grant money available to encourage positive growth. 

With homes more expensive west of  SE 80th & North of Powell I think we are going to see the Lents area become more desirable as the home prices there are still affordable.  The current park  is definitely due for some help and I expect the area will continue to attract more attention. -Kristie McDonald, McDonald Group Realtors

What’s up w/ that Kenton Neighborhood in North Portland?

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

willisLately more and more buyers are asking me about Kenton! One of my favorite client couples just moved into a great house  in the re-discovered Portland, Oregon neighborhood! Not too far off from St. Johns, close to great parks and transportation… city living with it’s own unique style…. while the inquiries about this area are picking up so are the improvements! New library, streetscape, storefronts… Even the Portland Monthly wrote a little ditty! (click here). It’s not too far from the racetrack either, so keep weekend speed noise in mind! -Kristie McD.

SEE WHAT’S NEW through the PDC website: click here

Lending Programs Through the PDC- Portland Development Commission

Monday, April 6th, 2009

pdc-50th-logoI love to attend classes; I recently caught a great one hosted by Portland’s PDC on the various lending programs they offer home buyers. Many of the programs are available only in Rural Development areas or areas within the Urban Renewal Boundaries (such as St. Johns or Lents) but I was truly amazed at the programs that are available. There is some limiting criteria (such as having to live in the home for a specified number of years) but what they offer is an opportunity to purchase with zero down.  If you are interested, checkout their site below! -Kristie McD. Your Portland Real Estate Agent!

PDC -Portland Development Commission Site CLICK HERE