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TA Liesy Homes NW Talks about a Building Rebound in Happy Valley- Clackamas Review

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Tom Liesy of  TA Liesy Homes NW has plenty to say in his recent interview with the Clackamas Review about the new construction housing market.   Tom is seen in the attached picture just out front of our model at Sunrise Heights in Happy Valley. As you will see from the picture Tom has plenty to point out  in our current market, and he isn’t kidding when he says we can’t build them fast enough. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tom as his Realtor on some  of his bigger projects (such as Sunrise Heights) and the amount of interest we get daily is amazing. We have many people waiting for our grand opening event taking place this weekend, 4/16 & 4/17 where we will be opening the door to one of Tom’s latest home designs, “The Whitman”- a vintage style plan in the heart of Happy Valley! Our prices, product and lots just can’t be beat! -Kristie McD. Your Happy Valley Realtor

Check out these New Homes for sale in Happy Valley, Oregon … all new construction & custom homes!

Monday, October 4th, 2010

I mentioned new homes for sale in Happy Valley in my previous blog and thought I’d pull a listing report so you can look through all the new construction options in the Happy Valley area.  Most builders have several different plans they can work from, what you need to do first is determine your budget, look at lot options (what area you prefer), walk through a new home the builder has already built so you can sample the quality and finishes and then fine tune the details.  There is some poor construction out there so you want to make sure you are working with a reputable builder.  The builder I work with has lots available to build on in several different neighborhoods, because he builds so many he has fantastic resources at great prices and several plans to work from.  New construction homes are a great way to go! By the way, if you love the Ryan Olsen style homes we can build that too!   -Kristie McD.

New Construction & Custom Built Homes in Happy Valley, Oregon is a win-win!

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Scott and I have sold alot of homes in Happy Valley, in fact we think it’s a fantastic place to invest right now as you can buy an amazing grand home with a view, level lot, great school and a great neighborhood all within in a few minute drive to the freeway.  We’ve watched Happy Valley’s housing market go through several changes, short sales, bank owned…. but what we are seeing as the current and growing trend is new construction homes for sale and they are selling fast.  New construction homes are not only competitively priced they are amazingly priced. Smart builders are picking up lots at great prices and passing the savings on to the home buyer. Not only does the home buyer get a new home, they get to chose finishes, make changes to the plans or even design their own.  What we are seeing in the way of resale homes is that the good ones are picked over and the ones left are beat up, distressed , on impossible lots, poorly constructed or attracting multiple offers. When going with a new constructed home you can move into the home you envisioned and not spend an abundance of time waiting for the right one to hit the market. Another advantage is that the home is taxed at today’s value, not a tax assessed value from 2005.

Happy Valley is hot right now, new construction is even hotter.  New home sales is our forte, call me for pricing, lots & plans! -Kristie McDonald, Your Happy Valley Realtor!

Street of Dreams morphs into “Condo Show” in the Pearl this year-

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

elevator-109x1501One of my FAVEorite clients (thanks Adam!) shared an article with me today (see below) that says the Portland Street of Dreams is going to be a “Condo Show” in the Pearl District of NW Portland this year. What a GREAT idea! The previous Street of Dreams homes have had a very difficult time selling and I’ve wondered how much participating as a builder has really cost the poor guys… building those homes is quite an expensive advertisement if they can’t sell them.

Ironically this new Condo Show plan fits in PERFECTLY with Portland… it completely embraces the “Recycle, Re-use” philosophy we have here since building new seems so ridiculous when we have so much sitting “used” or vacant right now.

Along the same lines I would LOVE to see a Street of Dreams based on an entire street of split level entries completely remodeled. It would require alot of talent and creativity to pull that off and not only would it be a nice change but buyers could see the potential in something much less expensive than a $1.5mil plus new constructed home.  WHOO HOO! -Kristie McD. 


Buyer Tip! Builder Comparables MIA? Find em!

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

When buying new construction you should always use your own Realtor not the one at the community where you’re buying the home; I won’t get into that here, you can read about that on our tips for home buyers page on our website, what I wanted to mention in this post is a tool your Realtor should be using to help get the best price possible on that home.


Happy Valley – What is Up With Those Short Sales and Bank Owned Homes Anyway?

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Happy Valley (Clackamas area just outside of Portland, Oregon) has created quite a stir for those buyers looking for a lot of square footage, new construction, a great deal, and maybe a view. It wasn’t long ago before our real estate debacle that builders were racing to build extravagant homes on the grand hillsides…. Now, they are desperate to sell them. Happy Valley is now overwhelmed with bank owned homes, short sales, and homeowners trying to sell at the same discount prices as their neighbors; quite frankly it’s a mess. For the home buyer it’s a super clearance sale at Macy’s. (more…)