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Portland Realtor Guide: NEW Pete’s Mountain Neighborhood Profile at Your Road Map to Home

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Check out the newly updated Pete’s Mountain neighborhood guide detailing Pete’s Mountain, the classic highlands of the city of West Linn, the “comfortable luxury” suburb located just south of Portland. Combining the best of urban accessibility, estate living, and farmland atmosphere, Pete’s Mountain in West Linn is the best of all worlds. If you’re looking for homes or other real estate on Pete’s Mountain in West Linn or other Portland Suburbs, check out this Pete’s Mountain information page filled with the best restaurants in West Linn, most challenging golf courses, top shopping, and neighborhood resources. Relocating to a new area can be hard, but it’s a lot easier when you’ve got the best real estate agents in Portland on your side. Contact the McDonald Group realtors to find out about homes for sale on Pete’s Mountain in West Linn.

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Portland Realtor Guide: NEW Hayden Island Neighborhood Profile at Your Road Map to Home

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Hayden Island Neighborhood GuideCheck out the new Hayden Island neighborhood guide detailing the popular island of the “fifth quadrant,” North Portland. Combining the best of urban accessibility and small town atmosphere, it’s a fantastic place to live. Walk your dog in one of the beautiful, lush parks, grab a meal at one of the dock-side restuarants, enjoy a boat ride from your private marina, or take a trip to the Portland International Raceway for a NASCAR Night. If you’re looking for homes, apartments, or condos for sale around Hayden Island, check out this Hayden Island information page filled with tons of interesting historical facts, the best restaurants in North Portland, and the top parks, shopping, and neighborhood resources. Relocating to a new area can be hard, but it’s a lot easier when you’ve got the best real estate agents in Portland on your side.

Contact the McDonald Group realtors to find out about homes and condos for sale in North Portland and on Hayden Island, or Click here for more information!



Portland Realtor Guide: NEW Richmond Neighborhood Profile at Your Road Map to Home

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Check out the new Richmond real estate and neighborhood guide detailing the neighborhood of Richmond in Southeast Portland, filled with quirky culture, classic Old Portland homes, and some of the best dining and shopping in town. The Richmond neighborhood is progressive and proud. Richmond includes parts of two of the most popular retail districts in town, Hawthorne and Divison Streets, complete with vintage stores, great brunch spots, and open parks.  Combining the best of urban accessibility and comfortable, small-neighborhood atmosphere, Richmond is quintessential Portland.

If you’re looking for homes, condos, or other real estate in Richmond or other Portland neighborhoods, check out the new Richmond real estate and neighborhood guide filled with the best restaurants nearby Richmond, top coffee spots, green spaces, and neighborhood resources. Relocating to a new area can be hard, but it’s a lot easier when you’ve got the best real estate agents in Portland on your side.

Contact the McDonald Group realtors to find out about homes for sale in Richmond.


Portland Real Estate Tips: NEW Healy Heights Neighborhood Guide at Your Road Map to Home

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Check out the new Healy Heights real estate neighborhood profile detailing the neighborhood of Healy Heights in the West Hills of Southwest Portland. The historic Healy Heights neighborhood is filled with lush greenery and luxury homes and provides easy commuting access and fun opportunities to ride the Portland aerial tram down the hillside to the dining and shopping paradise of Portland’s South Waterfront.  Combining the best of urban accessibility and comfortable, luxury country atmosphere, Healy Heights is truly exceptional.

If you’re looking for homes, condos, or other real estate in Healy Heights or other Portland neighborhoods, check out our Healy Heights Real Estate Guide filled with the best restaurants nearby Healy Heights, top parks and green spaces, and neighborhood resources. Relocating to a new area can be hard, but it’s a lot easier when you’ve got the best real estate agents in Portland on your side.

Contact the McDonald Group realtors to find out about homes for sale in Healy Heights,  or Click here for the Healy Heights Real Estate Guide!


Portland Realtor Guide: NEW Mt. Hood Area Real Estate Guide

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Check out the new Mt Hood real estate guide covering homes for sale in Mt. Hood, recreation, restaurants, and relaxation around the Villages of the Mt Hood Corridor. If you’re looking for homes for sale around Mt Hood, check out this information page filled with home styles, the best restaurants on Mt. Hood, and the plethora of sports and recreational activities on the mountain. The Mt. Hood Real Estate Guide includes the towns of Welches, Government Camp, Rhododendron, Wemme, Zig Zag and Brightwood. These communities make up the Villages at Mount Hood, the quasi-government of the unincorporated communities of the Mount Hood Corridor. Each of these small villages provide mountain charm, easy access to the mountain, and an escape from the bustling Portland life.

Relocating to a new area can be hard, but it’s a lot easier when you’ve got the best real estate agents in Portland on your side. Contact the McDonald Group realtors today to find out about homes for sale on Mount Hood and other Clackamas Country real estate.



Portland Realtor Sustainability Insider: Largest Solar Power Project in the Northwest Planned for PGE

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Some exciting news out of Portland’s renewable energy beat today: Portland General Electricis working on two deals to purchase a very large tract of land near Salem to install enough solar panels to power over 2,300 homes in the Portland metro area. So large, in fact, that the project in the works is set to become the largest solar power source in the Northwest. This is one step towards the state of Oregon’s goal of 25% renewable power by the year 2025.

PGE is in talks with Energy Trust of Oregon and enXco, the region’s leading renewable energy management and coordination company have entered into talks to address the increasing demand on Oregon’s energy system. Portlanders and other Oregonians are demanding more renewable energy sources, and this deal could make Oregon a leader in sustainable solar power. The new solar project would use advanced solar technology, known as “ground-mounted solar photovoltaic” systems, and would require a 25-year agreement between PGE and enXco. The project is expected to be operational by July 2011, and could lend a helping hand to the state’s ranchers and farmers, providing power and, potentially, additional income.

The tracks are located on real estate in Yamhill County, split into two tracts, the Bellevue Solar Project and the Yamhill Solar Project, connecting to the PGE power system throughout the state. Portland General Electric is devoted to providing Oregon homes with a diverse range of renewable energy sources, including wind, water, and solar power, in order to make the system as sustainable as possible. It’s just one more way Portland and Oregon are setting out to make the state the greenest in the country. In a few years, new and old homes for sale in Portland will be seeing a substantial percentage of their utilities coming from renewable sources, which is definitely something to be excited about.


Portland Realtor Guide: Portland International Airport Voted Best in America

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Portland International Airport, known as PDX by locals and savvy travelers, was voted Best Domestic Airport by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Picked by business travelers – the people who know airports better than anyone – the top airports rankings reflect ratings of convenience, attractiveness, amenities, number of delays, ease of baggage pick-up and drop-off, helpfulness of airport staff, and other factors important to travelers. PDX is no stranger to such awards. In fact, the airport has earned the top spot in Conde Nast’s rankings four out of the last five years! How’s that for consistency?

Here at the McDonald Group Real Estate Blog, we know that whenever we’re traveling, it’s a joy to touch down in Portland. The sleek, modern, and eco-friendly terminal, complete with elements of Oregon history, kids’ play areas, and clean, well-maintained moving walkways, make PDX a world-class place to begin or end your journey. Portland’s airport has THREE of its own Powell’s Bookstores (a hip used bookstore in an airport? Make that 3. Only in Portland.), cool boutiques with local products more varied than key chains and shot glasses, and plenty of restaurants you’d actually want to eat at (unlike some other American airports that seem to have a repeating maze of McDonald’s, Cinnabon’s, and Sbarro Pizza spots). If you’ve got a layover in PDX or are waiting for that flight to Los Angeles, check out local-brew favorites Laurelwood Brewing Company and Rogue Ales Public House, stop by Good Dog-Bad Dog for great sausages, cruise into Flying Elephants Deli or Capers Cafe et Le Bar for some seriously gourmet sandwiches, soups, and salads fast, or try Beaches Restaurant and Bar for a great happy hour drink.

Parking is a breeze, now that the new ultra-modern and eco-friendly long-term parking garage (it’s got an ecoroof and other green features) is complete, and passenger pick-up and drop-offs are easily some of the smoothest and most convenient in the country. You never get caught in airport traffic jams, but there are direct flights to most places you’d want to go. (more…)

Portland Realtor Insider: Rooftop Gardening Trend “Grows” in Portland

Monday, September 20th, 2010

As the temperature drops, we’re all thinking about fall. At the McDonald Group, we love this time of year with all of the gorgeous colors in the trees, golden sunlight breaking through the dark clouds, and the swirling leaves that dance through the trees. For some people around the country, fall means getting ready to clear out the garden for the winter ahead, but a lot of people in Portland have found creative ways to keep their gardens growing all year long. One way Portland-area homeowners keep the green alive is by planting an ecoroof that thrives in the rainy season. What’s even better, Portland citizens are eligible for benefits from the Grey to Green initiative, the city’s effort to increase the number of ecoroofs in town by offering cash payments for home and business owners willing to make the swap.

Ecoroof gardeners can receive up to $5 per square foot, which makes the ecoroof both eco-friendly and cost-friendly.

If you haven’t heard of ecoroofs, they are truly a twenty-first century marvel. These resource-saving roofs made of a soil-filled structure where several strong root system-growing plants are cultivated to absorb water and lesson the burden on the city’s gutters and sewers. Other benefits include longevity – ecoroofs last about twice as long as traditional shingled roofs – less maintenance, and a reduced energy bill, as ecoroofs help to insulate a house, keeping it cool in the summer and warm in the cooler months .


Portland Realtor Green Guide: Eco-Home Tour On September 25 brings Sustainable Tips to Life

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Here on the McDonald Group Real Estate Blog, we’re often talking about Green home improvements, sustainable homes for sale in Portland, and the rise of eco-building in the Portland Real Estate market in general, but we talk to a lot of people who are still a bit confused about a lot of the technology and terminology behind the Green building revolution. If you’re one of those people who might not know as much as you’d like about Green homes, sustainable appliances, low-waste utilities, and other eco-friendly home improvements, there is an event coming up that might answer a lot of your questions. On Saturday, September 25th, the Build It Green! Home Tour and Info Fair will return to Portland for its ninth year, bringing information about sustainable remodels, green certification for new homes, and plenty of great tips for making the most of the green tools and incentives (including valuable tax rebates for green improvements) available to Portlanders.

The tour includes a visit to Portland’s first certified straw bale house You can tour Portland’s first-ever permitted straw bale house – noted for its incredible thermal efficiency, sound cancelling, and clean air free of insulation-related pollutants – and 21 other remodels and new homes, including a historic home that has been fully upgraded and certified by Clean Energy Works Portland.

Tour visitors will have the opportunity to learn about ecoroofs, water collection and conservation, solar paneling, water-saving landscaping, recycled building materials, alternative construction techniques, and more. Homeowners, energy experts, and eco-builders will be available to answer all of your questions about their homes and the technology behind green building and renovation. After the tour, gather more information at the free family-fun Green Info fair, featuring green vendors, sustainable renovation demonstrations, food and music. (more…)

Portland Realtor Fun Tips: PARK(ing) Day is Hitting Portland This Friday

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

PARK(ing) Day is an international movement to reclaim urban spaces as public parks for a day, and it’s coming to Portland this Friday. More than thirty small “parks” will be appearing throughout the metro area, but you won’t see Portland Real Estate popping up next to them – they’ll be taking up metered parking spots, parking lots, and other urban areas between 10 am and 3 pm. Portland isn’t known for its lack of green space, but we’re excited to see the creative spaces people come up with.

A combination of guerrilla art exhibit, community activism, and a good dose of folly, organizations throughout Portland will be block off parking spaces, fill them with grass, bark, play structures, benches, and other community-centered elements to show what good green can do for urban areas.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, does the city know about this?” The answer is most definitively yes. In fact, Portland Metro is hosting their own spontaneous park at the corner of Northeast 8th and Multnomah. Over 30 different financial partners throughout the city, and more than 100 public, private, and nonprofit groups will be involved with PARK(ing) Day, which meets resistance in some cities like New York and Los Angeles. It may be that Portland is more pedestrian- and bike-friendly in general, but its great to see the city getting involved with such a cool project instead of shutting it down for the sake of “public order” or profit. This is an amazing city, indeed.