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Micro-apartments growing in popularity, could you handle only 300 sqft (or less) of living space?

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

The Japanese have been doing it for a long time now, building and living in tiny apartments that are only a few hundred square feet, all the way down to around 200 square feet and that way of thinking is catching on here in the states as well. posted an article on micro-apartments , specifically the Freedom Center Complex in Portland’s Pearl District, citing a renter, Paula, that has moved to Portland and is renting one of the tiny 286 square foot studio apartments while building a home in the Portland area.

Other developers are also considering similar projects as these tiny living spaces are becoming more and more popular. In New York Mayor Bloomberg is even breaking the cities rules by actually setting up a competition for architects to design micro-apartment buildings with the prize being the permission to build one.

As the rule goes with Real Estate in general, the lower the square footage the higher the price per square foot (and vice versa) and these small apartments are no exception demanding a significantly higher price per square foot than the larger, albeit still small, one bedroom apartments.