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See Foreclosures listed today 11/25 in the Portland area & let’s talk about earnest money trend with bank owned purchases!

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

bankThe link to today’s bank owned listings is linked below; nothing real exciting … alot of property under $230,000 as usual. There is a brownstone in here located up in Forest Heights (one of my favorite neighborhoods). Those particular townhomes were having HOA litigation issues for a while but I think they are resolved or close to being resolved; that should really help to get those units moving again.

I want to talk about a growing trend with bank owned listings…. cashier’s checks! And for larger amounts too…  AND frequently less than two days notice to have one in hand to the listing agent so that it can be overnighted for deposit. I understand the purpose to doing this (weeding out the not so serious buyers) but they need to get reasonable with their response time expectations. I’m experiencing a transaction with ServiceLink right now that has really put me and my clients on edge with their forms and time constraints.If you are going to write an offer on a bank owned be prepared to put forth cash quick!  -Kristie McD. Your Portland Realtor!

Now for the bank owned listing for today CLICK HERE!

Here are the Bank Owned Homes just listed for today 10/18. Forest Heights has one in here! Great one in Tigard too!

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Wow! You don’t see bank owned homes pop up in Forest Heights too often. Forest Heights is one of my favorite places in all of Portland.  I refer to it as the oasis in the city. The walking trails and variety of new homes is amazing!  Very Stepford Wives like. It’s very close to Portland and seems to attract alot of doctors that work at nearby hospitals.  Also, check out the listing in Tigard in Barrington Heights just off Beef Bend Road….! -Kristie McD.   Everything.Portland. Real Estate.

CLICK HERE for today’s listings of Bank Owned Homes that hit the Portland, Oregon area market today. Remember bank owned does not mean short sale.