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New Listings Slipping Slightly Coming into Mid-February

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Looking at the daily market tracking for the Portland real estate market I’m seeing a bit of a dip in new listings coming onto the market for the past week. Yesterday for example there were 23 and on the 8th just 19 compared to the average of over 70 homes per day being listed; here’s that graph:




New home listings increasing in the new year pending sales flat lining and closings dropping

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

So we’re just two weeks into the new year and we’re seeing some trending happening with the daily tracking of RMLS data that I do and it’s a bit mixed.

First off, inventory is still declining for the most part, down to 4,478 homes currently listed as of today which is well off of the 6,174 homes listed back when I started tracking this information in October which was right around when the decline really started to kick into gear. That’s about a 28% decline in available inventory in just three months time.

This trend however appears to be shifting as new listings after the first of the year have begun to increase from an average of 40 new listings per day through most of December to now peaking just over 60 homes per day listed on average: