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The McDonald Group Realtors named #7 for 2009! YAYYY! & Thank You!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

So… out of over 300 Coldwell Banker Real Estate agents in the Portland / Vancouver area, Scott & I ranked #7 for Gross Commission Earned and earned the status designation of International Diamond Society! (whatever that means). For volume we placed #4 (ish) in the company and hit #1 for volume production in our east side office!  We are SO excited to be in this industry and love the challenges & opportunities that our current market has presented us.

As we continue to grow, we add to our team so that we never waiver in customer service and we THANK ALL OF YOU that have made us a successful and made our work so rewarding!  THANK YOU!  -Kristie McD (& Scott too!)

Coldwell Banker CEO on Fox News: Market “what up”

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Jim talks about the credit for not only the first time home buyers but the credit for the move-up buyer as well.  Interest rates are expected to rise but Jim points out that even when they reach 6% they will still be better than the rates we saw in the 80′s! I love your glasses Jim! Very Portlandy! -Kristie McD.


Coldwell Banker “Real Estate Minute” Video: recap of market in the NW

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

CB BSS Logo ColorTake a look at this brief video clip; nice overall reflection on the Oregon & Washington home market over the last decade and the home market looking forward. They are comparing our current pricing to that of late 2005. I love a video, click here to see it!    I hope to blog more frequently again; it’s been REALLY busy and we are looking to grow our team so that we continue to grow with the business! -Kristie McDonald   Everything. Portland. Real Estate!!!

Coldwell Banker & YouTube Listing Channel! Chief Marketer Magazine has a great article!

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

CB 3D LogoCatch this great great article in Chief Marketer Magazine! Coldwell Banker overloaded YouTube with all our videos!?!? Scott and I are firm believers in Video & YouTube… we do a video of each of our listings and upload it not only to our own YouTube channel but on the Coldwell Banker Channel “On Location” as well. We include neighborhood videos for areas such as Forest Heights, Hawthorne, Beaverton, etc. too!

Anyhow, this article interviewing Michael Fischer & Suzanne Mueller is great! I’m proud to be with Coldwell Banker! -Kristie (Your Portland, Oregon Realtor that does videos with her listings!)

Coldwell Banker & Home For Sale Videos

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Coldwell Banker has taken the lead with their YouTube Channel and with their aim at seallogosmallstaying with and ahead of the market in technology.  Check out the recent blurb from Realtor Magazine. click here

I love that they’ve made a channel just for listings… the tough part now is finding affordable videographers!  Right now I’m finding a video for a home is running $100 and up. Remember that a video is different than a virtual tour! A virtual tour is stitched photographs. :) -Kristie Your Portland, OR Realtor!

Coldwell Banker & iPhone App Use GPS to Find a Home Near You!

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Impressive! I wish they had something like this for garage sales!  New iPhone application allows you to do many things on your iPhone or Google Android… but the BEST feature I can see is having the GPS identify homes near you that are for sale and all the data you’d want to know about it is also at your fingertips…. way to go CB! (Coldwell Banker) 

So when will we be able to use these cool apps on our Windows Mobile Smartphones? And if never…. then when will the iPhone get an app for opening the damn blue lockboxes that us agents need to access to get in? Until Apple comes up with something that works with our MLS eKey we will stick with our Treo Pro!  -Kristie McD. Your Portland, Oregon Realtor!

Coldwell Banker’s CEO Pushing for a New Tax Credit for Home Buyers

Friday, August 7th, 2009

cb-3d-logoJim Gillespie has appeared on several shows talking about the market…. his most prominent topic of discussion is the push for a new credit for the upward home buyer, a credit for $15,000.  Although I completely agree that we need an incentive to get home buyers to purchase their next stage home (a home in the next price bracket above the first time home buyer) I disagree that it should be a set $15k.  I think the smartest incentive we can offer would be one based on a percentage of the home sale; this would encourage ALL home buyers in all levels of income a reason to “make a move” (pun intended). 

Regardless, I appreciate that Jim is speaking out and taking a lead; the majority of transactions we’re seeing in Portland is the 1st time home buyer in the $200,000 and under range. And although you’d think the sellers of those homes would be “moving up”, I’d say that 90% of the homes I’m showing under $200,000 are vacant…. nobody is moving up if they’ve already gone. -Kristie McD.  Your Portland, Oregon Realtor


Coldwell Banker is Pretty Hip…. New Social Networking Features!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

cb-3d-logoI love trying out the newest and “bestest” technology… well Coldwell Banker just announced that they have a cool new tool that allows consumers to post listings from directly to Facebook & Twitter! You can find not only Coldwell Banker listings but also listings from other brokerages and then easily share them with others!

Coldwell Banker Press Release! Read all about it!

I just gave it a try using my Twitter account  and it works beautifully!  I have to thank Kim of Campbell Salgado Photography Studio  , she has Twitter down to a science.


Wow! Coldwell Banker & 2 Talking Men

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

portraitsSo I heard mixed reviews about the talking picture frames advertising campaign that Coldwell Banker did….. personally? I loved it! I thought the ads were great and I loved that they were a little funky!  Anyhow, Coldwell Banker offers great tech tools to their agents but I was really excited to catch the little video blurb saying that our two talking founders can now be found on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and I think I heard something about Iphone? 

Anyway, 3 Minute Ad Age did a little ditty on them:  Ad Age Video

-Kristie McD.  Everything. Portland. Real Estate.

First Time Home Buyers. Too Picky?

Monday, August 25th, 2008

An interesting survey was released by Coldwell Banker recently in regards to the expectations that the first time home buyer has when chosing their first home.  In general I tend to agree with the survey (more…)

Housestrology – What is Your Sign?

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Coldwell Banker came out with a great little quiz… define yourself as an Urbanist, Contemporarian or a … Ranchero…? (I think my dad owned one of those). Anyhow, give it a try! HOUSESTROLOGY QUIZ