Slow week for closings in the Portland real estate market

This one could just be a matter of other agents; a lof of them this week, not updating RMLS to show their home sales have closed and I won’t know for sure until I back check the numbers to pickup those missing entered sales next week.

However, with that said, we’ve been averaging around 90-100 closings per day for the last few weeks which has been gradually dipping during that time but this last week we’ve hit a new low to under 50 per day on average across the board:









Now, we are of course exiting the busy home selling season and with that, the numbers are going to slip from here on out heading into the fall. Thing is, this is a pretty significant slip and while I’m 100% certain once I go back next week to pick up the sales that were not entered on the day the home was actually sold (I have to do that to ensure the numbers are as accurate as possible), I know from experience, the numbers are not going to double, more than likely we’ll get to somewhere around 70 per day which is still a pretty steep drop from 90+ day in the last few weeks.

I’ll keep ya posted with what I find on these numbers next week.

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