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I’ve begun putting together a short eBook series that at this point in time will consist of the following two eBooks:

“Scott’s Home Buyers Guide” followed by,

“Scott’s Home Sellers Guide”

I should have the first of the two ready and available via Amazon towards the end of March, but it’s shaping up nicely so I thought I would put up a small sample of the book; here goes:

Triggering a Multiple Offer Situation

Multiple offer situations can also be triggered by a buyer’s offer. Let’s say another buyer sees the home, loves it, but thinks the seller is asking too much, or has only seen a few homes and wants to see more before making a decision. Their Realtor should keep tabs on that home, let the listing agent know they are interested, and that if they receive an offer to contact them, etc. There could be a few of these buyers like this on any given home. When you come along and write an offer on the home, suddenly there’s two additional offers on the table. The listing agent called the other agents and told them they now have an offer, those other buyers were informed, and had to make the decision to write an offer on it or let it go. In this scenario, some chose to write an offer, and now you’re in a multiple offer situation on a home that had no offers on it before you wrote one.

Yes, it stinks, but I see it happen all the time.

Over the next few weeks as things shape up I’ll be posting up more sneak peak entries…PLEASE feel free to let me know what you think!

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