Real Estate Tracking Data & Reports: BIG Changes Coming; Area Reports, Pricing & Days on Market in Tow

I just wanted to get an FYI out to everyone that I am currently working on revamping the tracking report as I get a lot of requests for area specific reports (people asking for my tracking reports for Happy Valley, or Lake Oswego real estate reports etc).

Additionally short sales and foreclosures have been edging ever closer to market pricing these days, often no longer the “steal of a deal” they once were and there are a lot less of them now. So, with that said, I am *considering* ditching that portion of the tracking data in favor of adding new data points like:

  • Median Sale Price Tracking
  • Average Sale Price Tracking
  • Days on Market for Pending Sales
  • Average Price Per Square Foot Tracking
    • Listed PPSF & Sold PPSF

Like that change? Hate that change? Please let me know!

Additionally, getting back on topic for requests , I will be adding a number of area specific reports. Despite being heavily booked this weekend, I’m going to *TRY* to get the data in these reports for February 1 2014 through to current; it may however take me into next week to get all the data entered as again, I enter this data manually from RMLS each day…If it goes super smooth, I may even get bold and enter data back to January 1 2014, but no promises!

The area reports I’ll be adding will consist of (each bullet below being ONE report):

  • Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, Hillsboro
  • Clackamas, Milwaukie, Gladstone
  • East Side Rural (Damascus, Boring, Orient, Sandy, Estacada etc)
  • Gresham, Wood Village, Troutdale & Fairview
  • Happy Valley
  • Lake Oswego
  • NE Portland
  • NW Portland
  • Oregon City
  • SE Portland
  • SW Portland
  • West Linn

If you would like to see a report added to this let me know…It would help a LOT if you are buying a home or selling a home and use me as your Realtor…That would guarantee I’ll fulfill the request; otherwise, I’ll add ones that make sense in the mix as requested.

These reports will all consist of the following data points:

  • Number of homes currently listed (remember, my reports are “residential” only, no commercial or “plexes”).
  • Number of new listings
  • Number of pending sales
  • Number of closed sales
  • Median sale price
  • Average sale price
  • Days on market for pending homes (pending status seems to make the most sense to get this data from)
  • Average Price per square foot for residential detached homes only.
    • Doing this for detached, townhomes and condos all together would not be real helpful/accurate, so I’ll use detached homes as a benchmark as condo’s & townhomes in a given area should go up/down relatively inline with detached homes…If a lot of anomalies develop, I’ll look into a better approach and revise
Last but not least here, I’m sure in the current reports you’ve noticed the number of homes listed on a given day is sometimes missing. That is because that number can only be pulled on the day in question, I do not know of a way to “back track” that data. So on days where I’m slammed and can’t get to entering tracking data, the next day I do two days worth (sometimes three days), hence that number is sometimes blank.
I mention this because with adding all of these area reports, that of course is going to add to the time it takes me to pull this information. I’m going to be looking into ways to automate some of the data being pulled, hopefully I’ll find a good deal of success there, if not, there are likely to be gaps in the number of homes listed, as is the case with the current report.
Again, if you have a suggestion, request etc let me know…and again, being a client of mine, now or soon (seller or buyer) will massively improve the chances of your requests being fulfilled; don’t forget!
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