Portland Real Estate Tips: Installing Rain Collection Barrels Can Save You Money and Save Our Rivers

Ever looked outside on a rainy day and thought about capturing some of that water to use later? One local business, Portland Purple Water, is hoping to make that idea a widespread reality by installing rainwater collection devices for homes and businesses in Portland. At their most basic, rain barrels are simple rainwater collectors that capture and store a portion of the runoff from a roof downspout. Stored water can be used for non-potable purposes such as irrigating lawns, washing cars, or flushing toilets. Harvesting rainwater can lower your water bill, save energy and reduce demand on Portland’s drinking water systems.

Curious about how to get a rain barrel installed in your home? If you’re super handy, you can build your own rain barrel (You don’t need any permits to use collected rainwater outside the house!), otherwise, professionals can get you set up in no time. Rainwater collection has the potential to be a huge project in Oregon – a 1,000 square foot house catches 26,000 gallons of water in Portland – that’s water that could be used in a lot of ways! By capturing rainwater in a rain barrel or a rain garden, water-savers can make the city of Portland function more like a natural area where rain is a source of clean water and not a vehicle for transferring fertilizers and chemicals to our rivers and watersheds.

Interested in finding out where the water from your home property goes when it heads down the gutters? Check out the Oregon Environmental Council’s new site loveyourriver.org, type in the ZIP code of your home, business, or apartment and  you’ll find a page dedicated to the watershed and river that receives what you release from your property. We here at the McDonald Group realtors love our rivers, and we’re all in favor of green renovations that help keep the Pacific Northwest beautiful.

Upgrading your home with smart water use, and energy efficient appliances, weatherization, and fixtures is a great first step if you are looking to buy a fixer-upper in Portland or Portland-area suburban real estate, and its also a great way to increase the value of your home if you’re looking to sell a home in Portland. Real estate agents are focusing more and more on the potential energy benefits of the homes they are representing, so if you need tips on how to make the most of your home’s energy uses in order to successfully sell your property, or if you’re looking for a Portland home that has been remodeled for smart energy use and sustainability, contact the experienced McDonald Group Real Estate agents today.


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