Portland Real Estate News: Sunset Magazine Votes Portland Best Place to Live Car-Free

Bike Portland Real EstateIf you’ve been following the McDonald Group Real Estate Blog, it’ll come as no surprise that Portland was recognized by Sunset Magazine as the best American city to “Ditch your Car.” Relocating to Portland gives residents an amazing choice – in addition to the low cost of living and high quality of life, it’s completely possible, even encouraged, to go without a car. Almost every Portland neighborhood is within walking and biking distance to great schools, shopping, restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and libraries.

With over 17,600 bicycle commuters (7 percent of daily commuters in Portland go by bike to and from work) and increasing accessibility throughout town, bikes are more than a trend, they are a fact of life here. In fact, 2010 saw a 12 percent increase of bicycle traffic on bridges and a 7 percent increase in bicycle trips on Portland streets over the past year. Most homes for sale in Portland have access to bike-friendly trails and commutes along streets with designated bike lanes or “sharrows” – arrows designating paths safest for bikes and encouraging car drivers to share the road.

Sunset also gave some serious praise to TriMet and the Portland Streetcar:

“Bikes aside, Portland excels at alternative options. The TriMet buses link seamlessly with 52 miles of light rail and the nation’s first new streetcar line in a half-century. But Portland’s commitment to cycling is mind boggling, with upward of 300 miles of bike lanes, bike paths, and specially marked “bike boulevards,” where car volume is kept low. There are countless bike shops, bike clubs, bike races, bike blogs, and bike nonprofits, not to mention bike-thru coffee shops and bike-polo matches. One local credit union even offers bicycle loans.

Bikes in Portland aren’t just for kids, they are a major mode of transportation for commuters in suits, whole families, and Portlanders of all types.  The city of Portland is becoming a model of sustainable transportation, from the bike community’s ongoing efforts to educate all Portland residents about the ease and accessibility of people-powered transportation and the projected eastside Streetcar loop that is slated to get a lot of people out of their cars and into sustainable forms of exploring the city.

If you’re thinking of moving to Portland, you should consider the fact that it’s entirely feasible to live a car-free lifestyle in this amazing city. The city of Portland is renowned as one of the best biking cities in the world, and we’re in favor of the trend continuing in years to come!


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