Portland Real Estate Insider: World’s Largest Wind Turbine Maker Moves to Town!

Vestas, the world’s largest sustainable energy wind turbine manufacturer, said yesterday that it’s going to be staying put in Portland and investing $66 million in a new sales and service building in town. As of now, Vestas owns four buildings in Portland, but this addition will help make Portland the world capital of sustainable wind energy. Though Vesta is Danish, it won’t be long before people associate the idea of wind power with the City of Bridges. Imagine capturing energy from the same wind that blows through the Columbia Gorge, up in Hood River, or high above the buildings downtown. In response to the good news, Governor Ted Kulongoski said: “Our collective investments in this project will pay off now and in the future in the form of more green jobs in Portland. It also will establish a stronger renewable energy foundation for Oregon as a whole.”

“We are making a long-term commitment to Portland,” Martha Wyrsch, president of Vestas-American Wind Technology, Inc. said yesterday. “We are intent on growing. Our new headquarters gives us the flexibility to accommodate up to 600 employees.”

The new building will be a renovation of the historic Meier & Frank Depot Building in the Pearl District, a huge (172,000 sqaure feet!!!) 82-year-old warehouse which has been vacant for nearly a decade. Renovations are set to include a full LEED Platinum certification, using energy efficient rooftop solar and wind power, while maintaining the historic look of the block-sized buildings. There’s even talk of having retail and residential space on the building’s first floor. Watch out for new beautiful condos and art galleries! Construction is scheduled to begin in October and completion is projected in early 2012.

Here’s to hoping the new building blows us all away!


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