Portland Real Estate Insider: Portland’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods Are Within Your Reach

If you’re thinking of relocating to Portland, you may be interested in what areas are up-and-coming, which are still diamonds in the rough, and which are well established. In the latter category, Portland has its fair share of ritzy neighborhoods, though not all of them are the kind of high-end you’d expect. New statistics out this week from the ESRI 2010 Demographic Data and Tapestry Segmentation rank Portland’s most desirable and wealthy neighborhoods, by using data on household income, home value, per capita income, and “lifestyle.” Using demographic data and spending reports, the ESRI provides a snap-shot of the tastes of the community of several popular areas. The rankings were released with some catchy new Portland neighborhood and metro-area buzz-words, including:

Boomburbs: Areas with an accelerated rate of population growth (think Happy Valley, Camas and Beaverton) that are typically home to young, car-owning families. Residents of these Boomburg areas are the most likely to own snazzy technological equiptment and vacation at family resorts like Disney World.

Metropolitans: This term describes inner Portland single and married homeowners, with a median age of 37.7 years. Most Metropolitans travel frequently, participate in community activities, and go hiking often.

Suburban splendor: Areas like West Linn, Tualatin, and the Washington County portion of Portland are known for housing well-educated residents with a median age of 41.6 years. These areas draw people who love to focus on home improvement and remodeling projects, go to the theater, and hold life insurance policies.

Urban chic: This kind of zip code is home to many well-educated married couples and single professionals in places like Lake Oswego. Their median age is 42.7 years and they live in large single-family homes. Many of these urban chic-ers volunteer frequently and participate in community activities.

The five most expensive zip codes in Portland are

  1. Lake Oswego, 97034
  2. West Linn, 97068
  3. Portland suburbs, 97229
  4. Portland metro, 97221
  5. Happy Valley, 97086

The funny thing is, in all of these areas, home prices are falling and amazing real estate opportunities are available. If you’re looking to buy a home in Portland, this is the perfect time to look into these “high-end” communities, because there are deals in the Boomburbs, Urban Chic zones, and Metropolitan areas that make even the most “ritzy” of Portland’s neighborhoods incredibly accessible. Contact the McDonald Group realtors today to find out how to get your slice of the best of Portland. Who knows? Your dream home could be well within your reach.


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