Portland Real Estate Insider: New Foot Bridge Planned between South Waterfront and Lair Hill

Portland’s South Waterfront Neighborhood is about to get a bit more pedestrian and bike friendly.Work has started on a new bridge over Interstate 5 that will connect South Portland’s Lair Hill neighborhood to the up-and-coming South Waterfront district. The pedestrian bridge, called the “Gibbs Street Bridge” will run under the popular OHSU Aerial Tram, from the intersection of Southwest Gibbs St. and Kelly Ave. on the east side to the intersection of Southwest Gibbs St. and Moody Ave. on the west. Portland Real Estate is increasingly bike friendly, with many homes for sale in Portland within easy walking or biking distance to neighborhood resources like restaurants, grocery stores, and public services like libraries.

Lair Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods in South Portland were among the first areas to start the “neighborhood revolution” in the 1960′s. Community members in the neighborhood banded together to prevent destruction of historical buildings, trees, and landmarks under the Portland urban renewal project, and this spirit is alive in the development of the new bridge. The fight against neighborhood destruction resulted in the creation of the first protected historical district in Portland and one of the first neighborhood coalitions, followed by the development of many neighborhood home owner groups and the official designation of the neighborhood government system in the City of Portland. The bridge project is the fulfillment of an agreement with the Lair Hill neighborhood association – when the tram was put in, the neighborhood was ensured foot access to the burgeoning waterfront. The bridge should be completed in January 2012, and was designed with an access area on that side with a long, winding stairway and an elevator that is big enough to hold bicycles with kids’ trailers attached.

About the South Waterfront: Oregon’s first fully-green neighborhood, Portland’s South Waterfront, is also the largest green development in the country. Innovative energy saving and water conservation techniques like LEED certified buildings and the bios wale filtration support the entire neighborhood and minimizes its impact on the environment. Buildings are made from sustainable materials, use solar panels, and have been designed with a “permeability” concept. In order not to block any of the wonderful views downtown Portland has to offer, buildings are designed to be thinner and to not occupy an entire block, while still building with the same amount of square footage. The South Waterfront neighborhood is accessible by the Portland Streetcar that runs from Northwest Portland and the Pearl District through Downtown and Portland State University, an aerial tram, Tri-met bus routes, and a possible Max route in the future.

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