New Creative Financing for Short Sellers and Foreclosure”e”‘s (I know, not a word)

Typically I don’t post on hearsay or other “through the grapevine” type stuff but this one peeked my interest as I have a number of clients currently waiting for short sales or foreclosures on their record to “time out” before they can buy a home again and this; if it becomes reality, could really help them get into a home sooner.

Essentially the deal is this company buys the house for them, they pay 8% down, ┬ámake monthly payments and it’s their home, they can remodel it, add a pool; whatever…with the option to buy it later from said company that bought it for them with a 2%/year appreciation; which isn’t bad at all assuming the market isn’t going down.

The details are still a big unknown, however the National Real Estate Post (which I obviously frequently check into) has the warm and fuzzies in regard to this as of yet unknown company…Could be great? Could be…nothing…Keep an eye out for it though; once i hear anything more concrete on it I’ll post it up here.

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