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Located just south of Portland in Clackamas County, Lake Oswego is one of the most beautiful and affluent suburbs of the Portland area, and features some of the highest-priced real estate. Surrounding the 405-acre Oswego Lake, this area is home to pristine lakeside bluffs and green, lush landscapes, not to mention million-dollar homes. With approximately 35,000 residents, Lake Oswego offers a lively downtown filled with boutiques, restaurants, and galleries, in addition to easy access to the bustling city life of Portland itself. The town is also home to 24 public parks, an amphitheater, numerous community centers, a public golf course, and a trail system. In addition, the town prides itself on an excellent public school system, which features 300 teachers to just 7,000 students.

Quick Tips:
• Some of the most expensive and breathtaking real estate in the area.
• Situated on Oswego Lake, the town offers immediate access to hiking, biking, and the simple luxury of just being surrounded by the natural world.
• Lake Oswego offers a weekly Farmer’s Market that draws visitors throughout the county.
• The public school system is one of the strongest in area.
• The median age of area is 26; the median price of a house is upwards of $504,000.

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