Home Improvements for Resale and Cost vs Value Report

Here’s an article from MSN on 10 of the best home improvements you can do for your dollar. I thought it was interesting enough, some obvious points in there, but then it also linked over to what I found to be a much more interesting site which reports, for Portland Oregon homes as well, a “cost vs. value repor for 2014” from remodeling.hw.net.

It’s actually pretty cool, select your region, Portland Oregon is there, and it gives average costs for specific remodeling projects and essentially what boils down to ROI for those improvements.

Obviously these numbers can vary greatly on a home to home basis, but this does give some pretty good insight as to what may increase the value the most for the lowest cost before selling your home (or of course, just with later resale, if ever, in mind).

Definitely worth a look.

In putting together my eBook, “Scott’s Guide for Home Sellers” I’ll also be specifically covering some items that can really help your home shine to prospective buyers so keep an eye out for it, and for excerpts from it which I’ll be posting here from time to time.

Happy Remodeling!

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