High Density Urban Building Practices, Encouraged by Local Governments, Not So Popular

This one was posted up back in January by OregonBusiness.com citing a CFM Strategic Communications survey conducted in Portland back in December that shows Portlander’s aren’t real fond of the local governments push for high density construction (essentially, focusing on condos, townhomes and apartments rather than single family residential homes).

A whopping 46% of respondents, which were the overwhelming majority in this section, felt focusing on condos and apartments instead of single family residences (detached residential homes) was the wrong direction for government with the same percent of respondents not agreeing that these high density projects save local governments money in infrastructure costs.

Hmmm…I’m not a huge fan of high density building either, I mean, if that’s your thing and you enjoy close quarters living, be my guest, it’s just not my cup of tea; but to say it doesn’t save money on infrastructure? Seems to me it would? Would it not?

The more people you can cram into a city block sized area, the less infrastructure per person is needed, right?

However, something to keep in mind. When a new home development is built on raw land, it’s a cost to the developer to put the streets and utilities in. The local governments will maintain the streets after that, as will the utilities, but maintenance costs is certainly a lot lower than the initial install of those new streets…or maybe not over a significant period of time?

Then again, high density areas tend to end up with Max lines, more involved bus stops, traffic etc…

Interesting survey; check it out here

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