First New Real Estate Data Tracking Report is LIVE! Beaverton Market

I’m going through these new tracking reports in alphabetical order, so the “Aloha, Beaverton & Hillsboro” one was the first completed.

I did attempt to go back to January 1 of this year, however, it would have taken me WEEKS, if not MONTHS to get all the reports updated, so I opted to start March 1 2014 with the reports so there is data in them now, just not a lot.

I’ll be posting each areas report as I complete them, so stay tuned for your areas report; for now, here’s some screen shots of the new Beaverton area one (and it’s also attached below, with some more information on these reports):

























As for what information is in these reports, I’m continuing my overall Portland real estate market reports which shows short sale, bank owned and new construction information as well as cancelled, withdrawn and expired listings and as such I excluded those items from the area specific reports. Basically, there wouldn’t be enough data day to day per area to have any real value; so that’s been left to the overall “Portland Metro” report and will continue there.

For the new reports, the daily information that will be available is:

  • Number of Homes Currently Listed
  • Number of New Listings
  • Number of New Pending Sales
  • Number of New Closed Sales
  • Median List Price
  • Average List Price
  • Median Sale Price
  • Average Sale Price
  • Average PPSF Listed (PPSF = “Price Per Square Foot”)
  • Average PPSF Pending
  • Average PPSF Sold
  • Average Days on Market

Again, for the last data point of Average Days on Market, I’m using pending sales for this. It seems to be the best way to get really up to date information. If I used closed sales, the data would then be outdated by around a month as the average days on market when those homes sold (went pending) would be different than what one could expect today…so i feel using pending status for that number keeps it as fresh as possible.

Here’s the Aloha, Beaverton & Hillsboro Real Estate Market Report.

Keep checking in from time to time for your areas report as I’ll be posting them as I complete them.

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