Don’t Be Surprised If Your Realtor Refuses to Show You a Specific Home!

When ever I’m showing property to a new buyer and meeting them for the first time I always try to find similar properties in the area so if the home I’m showing them doesn’t work out for them, I have something else to show them.

Today I was putting together that list of “similar homes” for showings I have this afternoon when I came across a listing specifically stating in the agent only remarks to “enter at your own risk” due to squatters on the premises that have been asked to leave by police, but are apparently still living there.

Not sure I myself would want to enter that home; if the people there are brazen enough to take up residence and refuse to leave who knows what they could/would do to a Realtor with clients in tow trying to see the home?

Be careful and mindful out there folks!

Your Portland Realtor, Scott McDonald

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