Clackamas Real Estate Insider: Clackamas County Limits Clear-Cutting of Urban Forests

Clackamas Real EstateClackamas County’s commissioners have recently approved a city ordinance to limit clear-cutting of trees in unincorporated areas of the county. Two years ago, the county began a study led by a twelve-member committee – comprised of environmental experts, watershed specialists, Clackamas real estate agents, and conservationists – to investigate the problems of clear-cutting on Clackamas County land in an effort to preserve more of the area’s “urban forests.” The ordinance will go into effect for new construction in Clackamas County and all existing developed areas. Here at the McDonald Group Real Estate Blog, we’re proud of the Clackamas County commission for limiting new development that would put sensitive ecosystems at risk.

The new county ordinance was established to encourage rehabilitation and new construction in Clackamas to “protect and enhance significant natural features such as streams, swales, hillsides, ridges, rock outcroppings, views, large trees, and wooded areas” and “Create a human environment compatible and harmonious with the natural environment.” The county government is specifically committed to limiting damage to vegetation and erosion-sensitive ecosystems, reducing pollution and contamination of lakes, and preventing injury to wildlife and fish habitats. Clear-cutting has been greatly limited. The goal of the ordinance is to “Minimize the removal of trees and other native vegetation that stabilize hillsides; retain moisture; reduce erosion, siltation, and nutrient runoff; and preserve the natural scenic character.” County Commission Chair Lynn Peterson said “the new ordinance’s goal is to increase the overall tree canopy in urban, unincorporated parts of the county without impeding economic development.”

New construction is great – of course we think so, we’re in the real estate business – but it’s not great when development goes forward at the expense of natural wildlife and Oregon’s unique environmental character. We live here because we love the land, the beauty of the trees and mountains, and we want the Oregonians of the future to be able to enjoy our natural world as much as we are able to. We’ve got the insider scoop on new construction and Clackamas County homes that value the nature around them – contact us at the McDonald Group Realtors for more information about eco-friendly constructions, green homes for sale in Portland, and sustainable new development throughout the Portland metro area.

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