Clackamas County Neighborhood Guide

Located 10 miles from the city center, the towns of Clackamas and Happy Valley are two of the fastest growing in the Portland area. Situated in Clackamas County, an area replete with forest, the towns are just a hop away from the 11,235-foot Mt. Hood and its National Forest, plus a host of rivers that include the Willamette, Clackamas, Sandy, and Salmon. Known for their newly constructed homes, Clackamas and Happy Valley also harbor beautifully old-style home designs.

Quick Tips:
• Clackamas and Happy Valley are each home to about 5,000 residents.
• Clackamas is home to Clackamas Town Center, a mall that features not only shopping but also fine dining and entertainment.
• The city of Clackamas includes a military base.
• Both Clackamas and Happy Valley make their home in Clackamas County, one of the area’s largest attractions for outdoor recreation.
• Historically, Clackamas County is a blue-collar region with a relatively conservative political outlook.

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