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Home Improvements for Resale and Cost vs Value Report

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Here’s an article from MSN on 10 of the best home improvements you can do for your dollar. I thought it was interesting enough, some obvious points in there, but then it also linked over to what I found to be a much more interesting site which reports, for Portland Oregon homes as well, a “cost vs. value repor for 2014” from

It’s actually pretty cool, select your region, Portland Oregon is there, and it gives average costs for specific remodeling projects and essentially what boils down to ROI for those improvements.

Obviously these numbers can vary greatly on a home to home basis, but this does give some pretty good insight as to what may increase the value the most for the lowest cost before selling your home (or of course, just with later resale, if ever, in mind).


Scott’s Home Buyers Guide, eBook, Sneak Peak

Monday, February 24th, 2014

I’ve begun putting together a short eBook series that at this point in time will consist of the following two eBooks:

“Scott’s Home Buyers Guide” followed by,

“Scott’s Home Sellers Guide”

I should have the first of the two ready and available via Amazon towards the end of March, but it’s shaping up nicely so I thought I would put up a small sample of the book; here goes:

Triggering a Multiple Offer Situation


Follow Up to 10 Step Guide to Buying a Home; Part Two

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Part Two:

#6 Get Funding

This one seems a bit out of place to me, seems it should be under #3 Get a Mortgage Pre-Approval. If you choose a home then decide to figure out what type of loan etc, you may find the differences in loan programs you qualify for might eliminate that home from consideration. For instance, just a few short years ago, FHA loans were extremely popular because of the low down payment and low mortgage insurance. Now, with all the recent changes in lending FHA is becoming much less popular because the mortgage insurance is now flipped and is outrageously expensive compared to conventional loans.

So sure, you could do an FHA loan with 3.5% down, but may end up with an additional $200/month; that could easily change things up for you. And if you go the conventional route instead, now on that $350,000 home you need an additional $5,250 down to avoid the high FHA Mortgage Insurance and possibly more in closing costs as well…do you have that? Can you afford the $200/month extra?

When you do step #3 and get approved, you should know what type of loan, down payment, mortgage insurance (often financed in now by the way) etc that you’re going to go with.


Follow Up to 10 Step Guide to Buying a Home; Part One

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

In my previous post about the 10 step guide to buying a home from I found myself constantly writing my way into a new topic or rant, so I decided to dedicate a post or two to this subject and touch on those steps one at a time.

Step #1, Are You Ready to Become a Home Owner?

This one is easy; do you know you’re flushing money down the toilet every month when you write that rent check? Then yes, You’re ready.


10 Steps to Buying a Home From

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 recently put together a 10 step guide to buying a home and although some of the “steps” are a bit on the simple side, “Get a Realtor” or “Look at Homes”, once you click on the step title you are taken to a page that actually does have some good information for new home buyers.

For instance one of the more obvious steps is simply “Get a Realtor”, yet once you click on it you are brought to a page ┬áthat does have some genuinely good information that many may take for granted, but a new home buyer could find rather valuable.

Check it out here