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Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview & Wood Village; You’re up to Bat!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Just finished the real estate market tracking report for Gresham, Fairview, Troutdale and Wood Village…This is again, only 10 days worth of data so not super reliable yet (give it a few weeks; trends and real usable data will show itself); with that said Gresham seems to be where only those looking for deals are buying as the average sale price in Gresham (and the mentioned towns in the Gresham area) are below the $200,000 mark:




East & South Side Rural Real Estate Market Report

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

I had a bit of difficulty with this one as it began it’s thus far short life as an east side only rural report (sorry west side rural folks, I won’t be doing a report for you) but there just wasn’t enough data, so I changed it up to include all east side AND south side rural. The towns included in this report are:

  • Aurora
  • Beavercreek
  • Boring
  • Canby
  • Colton
  • Damascus
  • Eagle Creek
  • Estacada
  • Hubbard
  • Molalla
  • Mt Angel
  • Mullino
  • Sandy
  • Scott’s Mills
  • Woodburn

Even with all of those towns, we’re still talking a few listings/solds etc per day at best…Of course were still coming out of the slow season, so come spring/summer the numbers here will pick up a bit, but there are enough now for trackable data.

Here’s a snippet of the report (not bad average sale prices for rural areas):


Clackamas, Milwaukie, Oak Grove & Gladstone Real Estate Market Tracking Data Ready

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Here’s the report for the Clackamas, Milwaukie, Oak Grove & Gladstone area. Even though Happy Valley and portions of SE Portland are technically the same RMLS “areas” I am doing seperate reports for those, hence they are not included in this report; just FYI.

Here’s the Clackamas, Milwaukie, Oak Grove & Gladstone Market Report.

Your Realtor, Scott McDonald

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Real Estate Tracking Data & Reports: BIG Changes Coming; Area Reports, Pricing & Days on Market in Tow

Friday, March 7th, 2014

I just wanted to get an FYI out to everyone that I am currently working on revamping the tracking report as I get a lot of requests for area specific reports (people asking for my tracking reports for Happy Valley, or Lake Oswego real estate reports etc).

Additionally short sales and foreclosures have been edging ever closer to market pricing these days, often no longer the “steal of a deal” they once were and there are a lot less of them now. So, with that said, I am *considering* ditching that portion of the tracking data in favor of adding new data points like:

  • Median Sale Price Tracking
  • Average Sale Price Tracking
  • Days on Market for Pending Sales
  • Average Price Per Square Foot Tracking
  • (more…)

Big Week for New Listings & Pending Sales in Portland Real Estate Market

Friday, March 7th, 2014

This week, not officially the first of spring, albeit we’ve had some spring like weather, has been a jumping week for the Portland real estate market.

Total number of homes continues to hover under 4,300 in total, however new listings are seeing a significant jump in the last week, continuing the previous weeks trend:




February 2014 Portland Real Estate Market Month End Numbers

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

So we’re now officially into March and all of the February Portland real estate tracking numbers are in.

Most everything is up across the board, new listings are increasing, however the inventory is staying about the same because pending sales and closed sales are also increasing:


Of course at the end of February we had a very normal large spike in cancelled, withdrawn and expired listings…Again, completely normal for the last day of the month.


RMLS Portland Market Action Report for January 2014

Monday, February 17th, 2014

The January 2014 RMLS Market Action Report for the Portland Metro & Surrounding areas is out and is showing yet again the Portland real estate market has become a much more healthy and stable market. This positive outlook was market wide for the Portland area, officially, when almost a year ago back in April of 2013, NW Washington County was the last Portland Metro RMLS area to leave depreciating numbers behind; hopefully for good!

Inventory just about always slips in January (that is, it rises) and this year is no different with inventory going from 3.2 months in December 2013 to 4.1 months in January 2014 and when you look at current pending sales you can see that inventory could slip again in February.


Significant Drop in RMLS Data for 2013 Distressed Sales As A Total of All Sales

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Hot off the RMLS Blog is a report showing some of the statistics for distressed properties in the RMLS market for 2013 compared to the same data from 2012 and the one that caught my attention right off the bat was the percent of total sales.

In 2012 for “All [RMLS] Areas” distressed properties accounted for 28.6% of the market, in 2013 that number was almost half of that (thanks Clark county for the “almost”) at 15.1%.

For the Portland Metro market we hit BELOW half, 2012 was 28.2%, 2013 was 13.2%.


Looking for a Pristine Home in Clackamas over 4,000 SQFT? Gimme a Call!

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Just an FYI for buyers out there, if you’ve been looking for something newer, in great condition, RV parking, 5 bedrooms plus a pool table/theater great room in Clackamas with over 4,000 SQFT of space on 1/4 acre lot (in short supply these days!) I’ve got one you don’t want to miss.

I’m anticipating listing it next week, but don’t wait, if you want to see it now I can get that setup.

Give me a call,


Oregon is THE Top Moving Destination for 2013

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

United Van Lines does an annual migration study which for 2013 showed Oregon as the #1 state for migration into the state with 61% of all Oregon moves being inbound moves. Michigan apparently continually made the top ten for outbound migration in previous years and for the first time was not on the outbound top ten list for 2013.

Honestly, I’m surprised California isn’t on the outbound list as well (being a California transplant myself)

as I do a good deal of business with Californians’ moving to Oregon.


New to the area? A Realtor may not be your best source for some information

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

I’ve had this happen, believe it or not, more times than I can count…Pick up a client from the airport or hotel and after initial greetings I get “the question”. I’ve heard it in many different forms, but in the interest of being politically correct and avoiding a potential license violation, I’ll sum it up with:

“Since I’m not familiar with this area could you please tell me what are good areas and bad areas?”


Did I mention I’ve heard this question way worse on many occasions (racially motivated, religious etc)? I mean really bad…almost, “I’m kicking you out of my car” bad.


Portland Real Estate: Portland Chosen #1 Dog-Friendly City in America

Monday, May 9th, 2011

One of our favorite things about Portland is how dog-friendly the whole city seems to be. Portland was recently chosen the most Pet Friendly City in America on, and it’s no surprise to locals. Many parks, hotels, coffee shops, and even some stores are happy to welcome your four-legged friend, and a lot of Portland businesses have canine mascots. One of our local vintage shops, White Rabbit vintage off of SE Belmont on 29th Avenue is home to a very friendly and often sleepy black lab, and one of our local radio stations,, has a studio dog named Scouty that can occasionally be heard barking On Air. Organized events include the cult-classic Doggie Dash, with 2,000 dogs a year participating in this fun run. The Pug Crawl fundraiser for the Oregon Humane Society features a costume contest, parade, Pug kissing booth, retailers and, of course, pub fare. Oregon’s passion for dogs also means that it possesses some of the toughest anti-cruelty laws in the nation, and Portland employs two full-time humane investigators with full police authority. Portland even hosts Dog Bakeries – that’s right, restaurants and bakeries cooking up treats for your dog – there are more than 37 Dog Bakeries in the Portland-metro area!

Few major cities can claim over 32 leashless dog parks and hundreds of pet day cares, dog-sitters, veterinarians, trainers, photographers, groomers, boutiques, boarders, pet-friendly restaurants and other common pet services. Impressed? It gets better. Portland’s pet-friendly climate has created a happening pet-business scene. There are nutritionists, holistic medicine practitioners, pooper scoopers, funeral homes, lawyers, massage therapists, acupuncturists and not one, not two, but six listed pet psychics, one of whom is kept on retainer at the Hotel Monaco. The only city with more designated off-leash areas in its metropolitan area is New York (52 to Portland’s 50). That’s not including de facto dog areas on the riverfront or dog-friendly places like The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother, a catholic shrine and 62-acre botanical garden. The Grotto, as its commonly known, holds its Blessing of the Animals on the third Sunday of each June.

Many rental homes and apartments in Portland have breed and size restrictions, so buying a house in Portland is often the smartest choice for true dog lovers, especially lovers of bigger breeds. Get in touch with us to find the perfect dog-friendly home in Portland, whether you’re looking for lots of land, a fenced backyard, close proximity to a dog park, or whatever you and your dog desire. We are more than happy to share our tips for living a dog-friendly life in the best city in America. Contact us with any questions today!


Portland Real Estate Fun Tips: The best views in Oregon

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Portland is surrounded by some of the most amazing natural resources in the Pacific Northwest – from the waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge to the majestic forests, pristine mountains, and fertile valleys. Combined with the urban metropolis of Portland, the opportunities for breathtaking views of both the cityscapes and natural environment are seemingly endless. The Auto club AAA’s bi-monthly magazine, VIA (a publication specializing in travel in the Western United States) featured readers’ favorite scenic vistas in their current issue. Many of those views and overlooks are right here in Oregon, so we thought we’d share them with you here on the McDonald Group Portland Real Estate Blog. Why not take a peak at these sweeping panoramas before choosing to buy a home in Portland – you might see the perfect for sale sign from these popular spots!

Buena Vista Overlook Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Princeton, Ore. “The scene here changes with the wetland vegetation and migrating waterfowl,” says Lucile Housley of Talent, Ore. “However, snowy Steens Mountain, rising to 9,733 feet on the horizon, is constant and tantalizing.” (541) 493-2612,

Hat Point Lookout Hells Canyon National Recreation Area, Imnaha, Ore. “Beautiful views of the Seven Devils Mountains, the Wallowa Mountains, and the Snake River Canyon,” says Steve Watkins of Nampa, Idaho. “You may even see a mountain goat.” (541) 426-5546,


Gladstone Real Estate Insider: Gladstone turns 100 in 2011

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

This week, the Oregon House approved House Resolution 1, honoring the city of Gladstone’s 100th year anniversary this year. Sponsored by state Rep. Dave Hunt (D-Gladstone) and state Sen. Alan Olsen (R-Oregon City), the resolution passed unanimously. “From this small community of settlers 100 years ago, Gladstone has grown and flourished into a bustling center with a population of approximately 12,000 people and with outstanding schools, infrastructure and a strong local business climate,” said Hunt. “The rich history of this region is reflected in the deep traditions and strong values of this community we are all proud to call home.”

Located at the scenic junction of the Clackamas River and the Willamette River, the historic city of Gladstone, Oregon is a cozy community just a stone’s throw away from Downtown Portland. The community of Gladstone is intimately linked to the rivers that surround it, as the town was layed out with access to the rivers in mind, and fishing and river recreation are still common activities. Gladstone is one of the oldest towns in the Willamette Valley, and neighbors feel a strong connection to their shared history, love of nature, and appreciation of the community around them. Featuring lush parks, historic homes, and cozy coffee shops, this small town features both rustic charm and easy access to the Portland metro area. Take a stroll along the river or through the beautiful Gladstone Gardens, and you’ll feel right at home.



Portland Real Estate Insider: Donate a tree this Mothers’ Day!

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Still looking for the perfect gift for your mama this Mothers’ Day? Friends of Trees, a local organization that brings people in the Portland-Vancouver metro area together to plant and care for city trees and green spaces, will plant a young native tree as a special gift for your mom, in exchange for a $35 donation. Or, for a $100 donation, Friends of Trees will plant a grove of six trees in honor of your favorite mother. How cool is that?

Trees are planted in the Collins Sanctuary, adjacent to Forest Park, during one of two annual gift-tree plantings. Moms who receive a tree-planting in their honor are invited to the event and can plant the trees personally – sounds like a perfect way to show your lasting love.

About Friends of Trees: Through their Neighborhood Trees program, homeowners buy discounted trees to plant with their neighbors at weekend plantings. Through their Green Space Initiative, trained crew leaders guide volunteers at weekend events to restore public natural areas and green spaces between freeways and neighborhoods. Since 1989, they have planted more than 395,000 trees and native plants in the Portland area! Friends of Trees is partnering with the city of Portland in its five-year Grey to Green Initiative to transform Portland’s grey infrastructure to green. The initiative’s goal is to plant 33,000 yard trees and 50,000 street trees citywide.


Portland Real Estate Guide: The Passivhaus movement, big savings or big hassle?

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Check out this article in the Clackamas Review, detailing the Passivhaus movement that is slowly catching on in the Portland Area. Hailing from architecture hot-beds Germany and Austria, the Passivhaus concept is pretty straightforward: “insulate a house so well that it’s airtight, then heat it with a small electric heater or heat exchange pump. The result: potential energy savings of more than 70 percent. As U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., wrote to the recent Passive House Northwest conference, ‘It is incredible to think that you can heat your entire home with as little as a hairdryer!”’

Sound too good to be true? The new wave of home construction requires extremely careful inspection – every screw, window, door, siding segment, and beyond must be completely air tight to make sure the Passivhaus registers no more than 0.6 air changes in an hour (a typical Portland house will register 20-30 changes/hr, while an efficient new Energy Star-compliant home will have around 7).

There are only three passive houses in Portland, but they’re attracting a lot of attention due to their modern design, comfort, and sustainability. In one house, the “walls are about 12 inches thick. The stud cavities are filled with a blown-in fiberglass insulation that eliminates gaps found with typical batt insulation. The exterior wall is wrapped with a three-inch blanket of rigid polyiso insulation. The concrete floor slab is insulated with nine inches of expanded polystyrene insulation, and a vapor barrier helps maintain the airtightness.”


Portland Real Estate Insider: Metro Approves Portland 50-year Growth Plan

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

The Metro Council, the government agency that makes land-use decisions for the Portland area, voted this week to approve an urban and rural reserves plan for Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties that will determine where future homes will be built in the Portland metro area. The area in question includes about 27,500 acres of urban reserves – areas where the urban growth boundary will be developed for homes and businesses over the coming decades.

The goal of the 50-year plan is to preserve these areas as farmland, green spaces, and natural areas for as long as possible to encourage the best land planning possible, and allow property owners, cities, developers and others to plan such things as equipment and land purchases, streets, schools and utilities. No other region in America has tried to ensure such protection and planning over such an ambitious space and time, making Oregon a model for sustainable and smart real estate development and new construction that is good for citizens of all kinds.

The next step for the plan is to pass through the state Land Conservation and Development Commission, which could take place at the end of summer.


Portland Real Estate Fun Tips: Portland Spring Beer and Wine Festival this Weekend

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Be sure to check out the Spring Beer & Wine Festival coming to the Oregon Convention Center (777 NE MLK), this Friday and Saturday, April 22 and 23, 2011. Festival-goers will enjoy samples of more than 80 craft beers, 30 regional wineries and many local artisan spirits, plus delectable tastes of specialty cheese and handcrafted chocolate, all while mingling with brewers, winemakers and other craftspeople. In addition, the festival will also offer a global shopping marketplace, cooking demonstrations and educational seminars on the Chef’s Stage, and live music featuring Northwest bands including Keegan Smith & the Fam.

The variety of clubs, bars and microbreweries in the Portland area is as diverse as the people who call Portland home. Dubbed “Beervana” and “Beertown,” Portland is known to be the micro-brewing capital of America, with the most microbreweries in one city this side of the Atlantic. Area micro-brew moguls, the McMenamins Brothers, own over sixty quality establishments throughout Oregon and Washington, and played a large role in establishing Portland as the beer town it is today – but home brewers have been a part of Oregon’s beer industry for a long time – and will remain an important part of the industry for many more.

Here in Portland, it seems like a new brewery or distillery is popping up every month in every neighborhood in town. Stop by for a visit, and grab a beer with the McDonald Group. There are certainly plenty to choose from. No matter where you’re looking at homes for sale in Oregon, you’ll be minutes away from a great pint of beer.


Portland Real Estate Insider: Check out this Video of 7th Gen Oregonian Hiking Our Beautiful State

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

You’ve got to check out this inspiration and beautiful video from Travel Oregon – Hike and Explore Oregon – about Teddy Keizer, a seventh-generation Oregonian who has hiked almost every mountain, trail, lake, park, and natural area in the state. Teddy’s ancestor Thomas Dove Keizer led the Keizer wagon train over the Oregon Trail in 1843 (It is said that he was the first to bring covered wagons over the entire trail) His homestead was used to name Keizer, Oregon, outside of Salem.

n 2005, Keizer set out from his Portland home to take his 50K hike in Oregon through the city’s Forest Park . He went on to travel around the United States for the next 75 days, completing 50K hikes in every state, from the Na Pali Coast of Hawaii, to the Narrows in Utah, to the forests of Mississippi, recently ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. His record-setting journey was later documented on the Outdoor Life Network on national television in a series of episodes called “Live Your Passion.”

When Keizer returned to Portland again, he was determined to make a positive impact on his state. As he puts it, “Everyone benefits from the promotion of clean, green, walkable, and bikable neighborhoods; clear and natural rivers, forests, and air; vibrant urban cores and productive farm and forest land.”


Portland Real Estate Insider: Seattle Weekly Lists Top Ten Reasons to Be Jealous of Portland

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Here at the McDonald Group Portland Real Estate Blog, we know Portland is the best city in America, but it’s extra special when people outside of Portland recognize that fact. This week, Seattle Weekly posted a list of the Top Ten Reasons Seattle should be jealous of Portland – and we totally agree. It’s no coincidence that the list is primarily food-related. Portland has the best food scene in the country, and it’s only getting better. You probably know that Portland (and the state of Oregon) have no sales tax, so these great eats are often cheap eats. What more could you want?

Here are the top ten bites in Portland, according to our sister city to the North. Interested in relocating to Portland? Make a weekend of these spots, and you’ll surely decide to buy a home for sale in the Portland real estate market within walking distance to some amazing restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops.

1. Kenny and Zuke’s, home of the best pastrami on the planet.


Happy Valley Real Estate: Our Builder, Tom Liesy, Featured in Clackamas Review

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

It’ll come as no surprise to our friends and clients, but the word is getting out to the rest of the Portland area: Happy Valley real estate is BOOMING. Just today, our fantastic custom home builder Tom Leisy of TA Liesy Homes and our new development in Happy Valley – Sunrise Heights – was featured in the Clackamas Review, the newspaper of the Happy Valley, Damascus, and Estacada area. This isn’t boom construction, this is quality new construction that is building community for the Happy Valley area, and the McDonald Group real estate experts are so happy to be a part of the growth of this awesome area of the Pacific Northwest.

Here are few highlights from the article, which you can read in full here:


Portland Real Estate Fun Tips: Find Your Inner Cinephile at the Northwest Film Center

Monday, April 4th, 2011

The city of Portland is a hub of arts and culture, drawing thousands of talented artists, musicians, photographers, and more to the banks of the Willamette River to get a taste of the good life and great community. Portland’s film scene is also thriving, as evidenced by the many successful film festivals happening throughout the year and the large number of independent movies shown at theaters throughout town. One of the central gathering spots for Portland movie lovers is the Northwest Film Center, adjacent to the Portland Art Museum – in Downtown Portland’s Cultural District, home to a fantastic array of urban condos for sale.

The Film Center screens the most current and significant independent cinema around, and you can catch showings of classic films you won’t see on the big screen anywhere else. They provide an active year-round exhibition program of foreign, classic, experimental, and independent works which showcase a wide array of regional, national, and international cinema and video art. Annual festivals at the Film Center include the Portland International Film Festival, the Northwest Film & Video Festival, the Jewish Film Festival, Reel Music, and the Young People’s Film Festival, each catering to the unique viewpoint of the Pacific Northwest. The Film Center also features a school of film, one of the largest community-based film arts programs in the country. This summer, the Film Center is offering the School of Film Summer Camp for Kids and Teens, grades 2 through 12.

If you’re interested in checking out some of Portland’s major attractions like the Northwest Film Center, consider the Portland Attractions Pass which gives you discounted access to top spots like the Lan Su Chinese Garden, the Oregon History Museum, the Oregon Zoo, Pittock Mansion, the Portland Art Museum, the Portland Children’s Museum, the Portland Japanese Garden, and the World Forestry Center. It’s a really amazing deal, and you’ll know you’re not missing a thing!


Estacada Real Estate: Public Workshop and Tour Aim to Help Everyone Raise Happy, Healthy Chickens

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Most homes for sale in Portland’s metro area are approved for raising chickens, which means fresh eggs for your family’s breakfast every day, and a bit of the country in the heart of the city. But even if it’s legal, and you like your omelets fresh, you might not have any idea how to raise your own chickens. This Saturday, grab some friends and get a primer on proper care and equipment during the “Chicken Chat” this Saturday, April 2 from noon to 3. The The event takes place at the Wade Creek House, 664 Wade St., Estacada and is $5 for the class and coop tour. For more information

You’ll learn all about raising chickens in an urban environment, and get to head out on a tour of local chicken coops to see how people are managing mini-farms in their own backyards. The tour will also take you to local urban farm supply shops to check out different chicken breeds, equipment, coops, food, and other supplies to keep your hens clucking. Best of all, at every stop you’ll have the chance to win peep-worthy prizes.

If you can’t make it this Saturday, the Urban Farm Store in Southeast Portland is a great resource for anyone interested in raising chickens and other livestock in the Portland metro area! They’ve got classes, helpful staff, and great books and resources for urban farmers.


Southeast Portland Real Estate: Milwaukie’s First Friday Art Festival Kicks off the 2011 Season

Monday, March 28th, 2011

This Friday, April 1st, is the official 2011 kick-off of Downtown Milwaukie’s Art a la Carte, a monthly First Friday festival of live music, art exhibits, poetry readings, an authors corner, entertainment, kids activities, and special deals offered by local merchants. Though it’ll be April Fool’s day, there’s more fun than fooling in store for the whole family. Take advantage of warmer temperatures and get in the mood for summer as you stroll through downtown Milwaukie’s charming retail district, listen to great local bands, and enjoy an ice cream cone (come on, we can pretend it’s July – and given the sunny weekend we just had, it definitely feels as though summer is on its way).

Live music this Friday includes local talent Alopaki Morales, the Sojourner Marimba Band, Will Scrivens, and John and Marydith Grant. Bank of the West (at 11050 SE Mc Loughlin Blvd.) is hosting an “April Fool’s Day Fun” event, so venture in at your own risk!

Visit for details about the free event, held on the first Friday of each month, and for information about homes for sale in Milwaukie or other Portland Suburbs, contact the McDonald Group Portland real estate experts today, and start looking for your next perfect home.


Portland Real Estate Insider: February 2011 Portland Market Action Report Highlights

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
The latest RMLS Market Action Report is out for February 2011, and we’re seeing some minor improvement in the overall health of the Portland real estate market, even as prices continue to drop. Portland-area home sales rose in February (closed sales this month were higher than both last February – up 5.8% – and the last monthly report in January 2011 – 3.8% jump), though the average sale price for February dropped 10.5% compared to February 2010 and the median sale price also fell 9.1%. Compared to February 2010, the average sale price dropped from 273,100 to $244,500 – Home prices are now comparable to mid-2004 levels. Inventory dropped  20% from last year (the inventory of unsold homes relative to sales). It’s still very much a buyer’s market, as interest rates are currently extremely low and we have a good inventory of well-priced homes, foreclosures and short sales.

One of the most interesting facts from this month’s market report is which areas in the Portland region have the most active listings. Southeast Portland has more active listings than any Portland suburb – second only to the number of listings in West Portland. Overall, RMLS reported 2,883 new listings, down a whopping 26.1 percent from a year ago.

The Southwest Washington Market Action Report shows an increase in average sale price in Clark County this February compared to last month, January 2011, though in contrast to the Portland metro market, closed sales are down 9.9% compared to last year and 280 to 274 (-2.1%) compared to last month. Compared to February 2010, pending sales in Southwest Washington fell by 24%, and new listings dropped 15.9%.